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Chapter 15 – End of an Era

Caius had tired of all the talking that was happening and just wanted to get on with things.

“Enough of all this chatter, let’s fight” he shouted out.

A chorus of snarls and growls were let out as the Volturi prepared to attack.

Aro pushed all his doubts and fears to the back of his minds and looked forward to getting his hands dirty for once.

“Show no mercy and make sure whoever you fight with really do suffer. Oh and a hefty reward for anyone who manages to kill the two little brats they have hidden away in that hut” Aro snarled the words out as he felt a surge of vindictive feelings bubble up.

Both sides prepared themselves for battle and the tension in the air was thick. Aro appeared to be stalling to give the command so Caius took control.

“Charge” he shouted out and immediate he and the Volturi guard started their advance. Aro meanwhile appeared to be rooted to the spot.

Demitri made a beeline to the hut where Tawémake and Renesmee were hiding. He knew that he could really please his masters if he managed to get one or both of the girls.

Felix however spotted what he was doing straight away. Felix alerted Kaure to the danger and she joined him with blocking Demitri’s path to the hut.

“Out of my way” snarled Demitri, but Felix shook his head and crouched down ready for attack.

“No way Demitri, if you want to get to those girls you have to go through me” he growled.

Demitri shrugged his shoulders and said “Very well, I never did like you anyway”

Kaure held back a bit to give Felix his chance against Demetri. As Demetri charged forward Felix blocked his path and collided against him.

The two vampires fell to the ground and started to fight against each other. Demetri managed to take a bite at Felix’s shoulder, but Felix shoved him off. As Demetri fell backwards to the ground Felix jumped on top of him and pinned his hands down, whilst biting at Demetri’s face and neck.

The two were pretty evenly matched and the advantage swung from one or another. Kaure was pleased at how ferociously Felix was fighting to save his daughter. She resisted the urge to step in until she overheard Demetri refer to her niece as “that little bitch.”

As anger surged through her body she knelt down to where the two were scuffling and just as Felix had rolled on top of Demetri she placed the trilet to Demetri’s head and he let out a blood curdling scream before turning into dust. Felix landed with a thud on the ground.

Realising he was laying on the ashes of his former friend Felix quickly stood up and dusted himself off. He extended his hand to help Kaure up and they shared an uneasy smile.

“That was… err weird” he said, whilst not quite able to take his eyes off the trilet pendant on Kaure’s palm.

Kaure patted his on the shoulder with her hand and chuckled.

“Don’t worry, I will only use this against you if I have to” she said.

Felix and Kaure stood guard outside the hut as the battle went on around them.

Edward and Bella were tackling two members of the guard and doing quite well. Edward had just decapitated the guard he was fighting and had started to put the head and other body parts on the small fire he had started, whilst Bella was taking on her own opponent. She was holding her own, but Edward just couldn’t shake the feeling of needing to protect her and he stepped in to help her.

Bella was a little upset at his interference, but they didn’t have much time to discuss things as another Volturi member came at them. This time Edward stepped back and let Bella have all the fun.

The stood watching the fire they had made as the body parts from the three men they had thought with burnt to a crisp.

Jacob, who was still in wolf form was working with Pandora and Grace, who were both in the form of a MngWa. Between them they had successfully taken out 4 men. They too had a fire going and were now in the process of dragging the body parts in order to burn them.

Caius spotted a tribeswoman who appeared to be distracted and busy watching what Jacob, Pandora and Grace were doing. As he put his arms around her neck she let out a strained scream.

His grip was strong, but this tribeswoman decided to phase and turned herself into a MngWa. As she turned her neck was still being compressed by Caius, but she now had the upper hand strength wise and struggled against his grip. Eventually he broke his hold and she spun round to snarl at him.

She lowered her back haunches ready to attack and Caius tried to back up in preparation to flee, but there were two other tribeswomen behind him. They gripped at his arms and held him in place whilst the tribeswomen he had tried to strangle approached him.

In MngWa form the tribeswoman bared her teeth and took a bite at Caius’s waist. He called out in agony and tried to wriggle free. The MngWa then took a bite at his leg and again Cauis screamed out in pain, but he had pissed this tribeswoman off and she was determined to have her fun.

After another bite to his other side, the MngWa sat back and bowed its head to the two women either side of Caius.

Caius tried in vain to struggle, but was unable to free himself of their grasp.

“Please..” he called out, but they tribeswomen showed no mercy. The woman to his left placed the trilet pendant to his forehead and he let out a blood curdling scream, before turning to dust.

Aro, who was still rooted to the spot looked on in horror, not quite able to make himself move.

Aside from Aro there were not only five members of the guard left. Three of them continued to fight, but Felix and Edward worked together and took out one of them, whilst Jacob and Pandora took out another.

The third one was turned to dust by one of the women who had just finished Caius off. The two remaining guards looked to each other and tried to flee, but they were swiftly taken out by four of the tribal women who worked in pairs, one in the form of a MngWa, who knocked the guard to the floor and pinned him down, whilst the other used the trilet to finish him off.

Edward and Bella shared a stunned look as they realised it was just Aro left now. They almost felt pity as they saw him stood rooted to the same spot he started off in.
Jacob phased back into human form and quickly donned a pair of shorts and stood side by side with Edward and Bella.

“That… was… great” he said, over pronouncing every word due to his excitement.

Kaure and Felix joined them as did the other tribal women. They stood chatting for a while before all focusing on Aro, who appeared visibly shaken.

Aro couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. They hadn’t lost any of their side, but his brothers and all of the guard he brought with him had been destroyed.

“I..” he began, not quite able to find the words.

Aro’s sense of self preservation suddenly kicked in and he tried to save himself. Surely now he was no longer a threat they could show mercy.

“Edward, Bella, please you have proved your point. What possible threat am I now” he asked in a pleading voice.

Edward and Bella both shook their heads in disbelief. They couldn’t quite believe that Aro would dare to plead his case after all he had done.

“You’re quite right, you are no threat, but that doesn’t change a thing. You do not get out of this one Aro” snarled Bella.

Aro started to back up, but several of the tribeswomen repositioned themselves to block his exit. He was now trapped and covered at all sides.

Aro slumped to his knees and held his hands to his head. Dry sobs rippled through his body as he contemplated what was happening.

“Please, I am just an old fool, who lusted for too much power. I am nothing now, I can do you no harm” he sniffled.

Bella stepped forward and put her hands on her hips.

“What was it you said, let me think… Oh that’s right.” Bella began.

She then began to quote what Aro had said earlier.

“Show no mercy and make sure whoever you fight with really do suffer. Oh and a hefty reward for anyone who manages to kill the two little brats they have hidden away in that hut”

Aro swallowed hard and regretted speaking those words.

“That was just to get the men riled up for battle, of course I didn’t mean it” he said meekly.

Edward looked down at Aro and was amazed at how weak and pathetic he looked.

“You meant every word you said Aro. In your mind you knew that even if we were to defeat you all, if one of your men could at least harm Renesmee or Tawémake then our victory would be bitter sweet”

Edward tapped his head to remind Aro of his gift.

Aro looked at Edward and was suddenly reminded of why he lusted after his power.

“Damn you, Damn you all” he said.

Bella smiled at Edward and turned back to survey Aro, who looked nothing like the man who had filled her with fear countless times.

She locked eyes with Aro and spoke with a clear and certain tone.

“Three times now you have threatened to take away all that is good in my life, for your own selfish gain, well never again Aro. I refuse to live the rest of my existence fearing you. I am not a vindictive person, but you don’t deserve any mercy as you have shown no mercy to countless others before now”

Aro didn’t know how to respond to that as Bella was right. If the shoe was on the other foot he would not show any mercy.

He let out a guttural snarl at Edward and Bella and then stood up and tried to run, but no matter what path he took his route was blocked. Slowly and surely the Tribeswomen moved in on him until eventually he was cornered in the centre of the clearing.

He sunk back to his knees again and heaved with dry sobs.

“Please, Please, Please” he muttered over and over again.

Kaure stepped forward and had her trilet at the ready. She still had Bella’s earlier words in her head and realised that this moment would change Edward and Bella’s life forever and this seemed to be a really big event, especially for Bella.

Kaure held out her other hand and used it to beckon Bella to join her. Bella shared a quick glance to Edward, who encouraged her after picking up on Kaure’s earlier thoughts.

As Bella stood side by side with Kaure, who was towering over Aro she tried to fight back the little twinge of compassion she was feeling for this hateful man.

Kaure placed Bella’s hand over the back of her hand which was wearing the trilet pendant and in unison they lowered the hand onto Aro’s forehead. He didn’t even try to struggle, he just stared deep within Bella’s eyes and whispered the word “Sorry” before he turned into dust.

Everyone was silent for a moment, but soon various tribe members started to celebrate their victory. It was too hard not to join in the celebrations and Edward, Bella and Jacob tried their best not to focus too much on what had happened, but focus on the fact that they were no longer in danger.

Seconds later Renesmee and Tawémake ran out of the hut. Edward, Bella and Jacob all crowded around Renesmee, who were telling them how great they all thought.

Tawémake ran straight to Kaure, who hugged her niece tightly. She then held Tawémakes hand and led her over to Felix, who was able to speak to his daughter directly for the first time.

As they spoke he marvelled at how much she looked like her mother. He told Tawémake this and she returned a great bit smile to him and explained that Kaure was always telling her the same thing.

As the two bonded Tawémake noticed the nasty looking bite on Felix’s shoulder that Demetri had given him. Felix tried to downplay the bite, but Tawémake was transfixed and gingerly put her hand out to touch the bite.

Felix looked at Kaure, who just smiled at him in encouragement. He stayed as still as a statue and allowed Tawémake to touch the bite. He prepared himself for the pain he’d feel, but the pain never came. The dull ache that was already there subsided at the same time.
Tawémake pulled her hand back and looked at Kaure with a big grin on her face and seemed very pleased with herself. Felix rubbed his hand over where the bite mark was and felt nothing but smooth skin.

“But…” he began

Kaure patted him on the shoulder and chuckled.

“Your daughter is special” she replied.

Tawémake nodded her head and smiled proudly. She picked up a wilted flower, that was discarded on the ground nearby.

Felix watched in awe at the flower began to bloom again.

“Wow” was all he could say.

Kaure observed as Tawémake and Felix talked away and realised that her sister had been right to see something good in Felix. It would take her a long time to forgive him for making her sister miserable and trust would take a long time to build, but she was willing to put in the effort if he was.

As if reading her mind Felix smiled warmly at Kaure.

“If you are happy with it, I would love to stick around. I will need some support and guidance from Edward and his family with regards to my diet, but I am willing to change if it means being able to stay here and get to know Tawémake better” he asked.

Kaure didn’t even hesitate before agreeing.

Edward and Bella smiled happily at this exchange.

“We’ll give you all the help you need Felix.” Edward promised.

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Chapter 14 – The battle continues and switched allegiance

Aro and Caius let out a gasp as the other tribeswomen appeared. They still outnumbered their opponents 2 to 1, but this certainly made their victory less assured, especially in light of what happened to their brother Marcus.

Aro began to calculate their options. He wasn't willing to leave without Edward, Bella and Renesmee, but perhaps he could assure Kaure and her tribes safety in return for them standing down.

“I see that this battle is more even than we had anticipated, but you are still outnumbered my dear” Aro reasoned

He paused to gauge Kaure's reaction before continuing.

“Perhaps we can negotiate here. Surely if we promise to leave you and your tribe alone and leave quietly with Edward, Bella and Renesmee, we can avoid any unnecessary violence. I will of course retract my earlier decision to take your niece with us” he said in a calm and soothing voice.

Kaure stepped forward and looked over at Edward and Bella for a moment.

She turned back to Aro and ran a hand through her hair.

“So if we stand back and let you leave with Edward, Bella and Renesmee you would leave here and never return” she asked.

Bella gasped and Edward squeezed her shoulders reassuringly

“Wait, let her finish” he murmured into her ear.

Aro nodded in affirmation

“Of course my dear, I am a man of my word as is my brother” he assured Kaure.

Kaure took a deep breath and gave the appearance of considering the offer for a moment.

“It's very tempting Aro, but I am afraid it's a no deal. You see we're awfully fond of Edward, Bella and Jacob and my niece would never forgive me if i allowed harm to come to Renesmee, so I thank you for your offer but.. NO... besides I do believe that we have the upper hand here so you have no real bargaining power do you?” she asked.

Aro narrowed his eyes.

“What do you mean you have the upper hand. Is maths not your strong point, you are outnumbered my dear”

Kaure sighed.

“It wouldn't matter if we were outnumbered 5 to 1, you and your men are simply no match for us, didn't your brothers earlier destruction alert you to some of the methods at our disposal”

Kaure lifted her hand up palm facing forward to show she was wearing the tri-let.

“See this pendant, it may just look like a bit of pretty jewellery, but it's actually the key to your destruction. All it took was for Athena here to place her pendant to your brothers head and he turned to dust. It won't be difficult to do the same to the rest of you” she goaded.

Aro studied the tri-let pendant for a moment.
“Just what is this supposed magical pendant” Aro enquired.

Kaure looked over to Aro and was pleased to see that he looked worried.

“This is a bloodstone. All of the tribal women you see before you have one in their possession, but not all of them choose to use them, some prefer to get their hands dirty in some hands on combat” she said rather glibly.

Caius was listening on with great interest.

“Do you expect us to believe that a small pendant such as the one you possess can destroy our kind so easily” he asked in a sharp tone.

Kaure nodded

“I have no doubt it will work against you and your men, but interestingly enough it doesn't work on Edward and Bella. We assume it is down to your diet, but perhaps it's just because Edwar and the rest of the Cullens have purer souls”

Aro and Caius, despite feeling in some danger were both fascinated by the concept of this pendant.

Whilst this conversation was going back and forth Jane saw an opportunity to get a little leverage. She silently made her way to the hut where Renesmee and Tawémake were hiding. If she could just grab one or both of them then it would put the ball back in the court of her master.

Jane's journey to the hut was going so well, until Felix realised what she was doing. Much to his surprise his first thought was that of his daughters safety.

“JANE NO” he called out.

Jane hissed and hurried her movements.

Felix couldn't stand the thought of Jane harming his daughter.

“Kaure, she's trying to...” he called out, before falling to the ground and writhing in pain as Jane cut him off by using her powers against him.

Kaure immediately reacted to Felix calling out her name. As she realised what was happening she was floored on two counts. First and foremost she was angry at the audacity of this Jane's attempt to get to her niece and Renesmee, but she was even more astounded at the fact that Felix tried to warn her and to protect her niece... his daughter.

Jane quickly called out to two other members of the guard to come with her as she was almost at the hut.

Jacob was the first to react.

“Oh no you don't” he shouted

He then phased into wolf form and blocked Janes path to the hut.

“Get out of my way mutt” she snarled, but Jacob refused to back down.

Kaure nodded to two of her tribeswomen and they phased into the MngWa and flanked Jacob either side.

“What the hell is this.” Jane yelled out
“Not only do we have to put up with shape shifting wolves now we have fierce cats”

Jane paced from side to side trying to work out how to get past Jacob. She then gave the orders to the other two guard members to battle with the MngWa's.

The fight between the Volturi guardsmen and MngWa's was over very quickly. They were simply no match for the fierce creatures. Several members of the guard took step back in horror, fearing what they were seeing.

Aro gave them all warning glances to stand their ground.

Jane growled in frustration.

“Last warning… dog! Get out of my way or else I'll make you” she snarled.

Jacob shook his head and bared his teeth.

Jane was about to advance when she felt a hand touch her shoulder

“What now” she snapped before spinning around to see a mirror image of herself staring back at her.

“It's just a trick” she said as she studied the mirror image in front of her.

The tribal woman posing as Jane grinned sweetly before using Jane's own power against her, within seconds Jane was writhing on the floor in agony.

Alec looked on in horror as his sister was in obvious agony, he ran to help her as fast as he could, but wasn't fast enough to stop the tribeswoman placing the trilet pendant to Jane's head and turning her to dust.

Alec slumped to the ground and picked up a handful of dust and watched as it ran through his fingers.

“Jane” he whimpered.

He had no time to mourn the destruction of his sister as the tribeswoman quickly applied the trilet to his forehead and he was soon a pile of dust mixed in with his sisters.

Aro and Caius were both visibly taken aback by this turn of events.

Edward and Bella started to feel hope as this was all working better than expected.

“Not so sure of yourself now are you Aro” Bella called out, taking some pleasure out of seeing him squirm.

Aro was dumbfounded by what he had just witnessed. Jane and Alec were two of his prized possessions and their demise alongside Marcus’s was just too much to bear.

Aro began to panic. He was no longer sure of their victory and now, for the first time in many years actually feared for his life.

“It seems Edward and Bella have made their feelings quite clear and do not want to join us” he said to Caius.

Caius nodded his head in agreement. He was not one for running away from battles, but given what he had seen so far they were up against some formidable opponents.

“I agree my brother, perhaps we should accept our losses and bid these people goodbye”
Aro and Caius began to retreat a few steps back, but Edward shook his head.

“I’m sorry, but we want this finished. Bella, myself and Renesmee will not live our lives in fear of you changing your mind and coming after us again. We’ve had enough Aro and we want this ended. One way or another”

Aro held his hands up in mock surrender.

“Please Edward, My brothers and I have ruled over the vampire world for many years and if you do anything stupid like rid the world of us, you’ll be sorry.” Aro replied

Caius liked where his brother was going with this.

“Aro’s right Edward. If by some miracle you defeat us and bring down the Volturi, there will be no order. Vampires will no longer feel obliged to hide themselves and this could bring pain and destruction to humans and you wouldn’t want that would you”

Edward exchanged a pained look with Bella. He hadn’t actually considered the consequences of a world without the Volturi.

Bella lowered her shield and spoke to Edward silently.

“Don’t listen to them Edward. The Volturi rule the vampire world with fear. If we are able to get rid of them then we can elect new leaders, ones that not only keep deaths of humans to a minimum, but would do so by ruling our kind fairly. Think of the possibilities. If we were ruled with someone like Carlisle, who could share the successes of the Cullens and the Denalis who blend in with society rather than hiding in the shadows, he could change things for the best.”

Edward took a few moments to consider this and knew that Bella was right. If the Volturi is defeated it would mean a lot of change, but change was good.

He noticed that Kaure was studying his and Bella’s silent communication and he took a moment to meet her eye contact and smile at her. Kaure seemed to visibly relax.

Edward turned his attention back to Aro and Caius who were stood flanked by the remainder of their guardsmen

“I’m sorry Aro and Caius, but we choose to fight”

Aro glared at Edward and sighed. He turned to his brother Caius and sighed.

“Very well a fight it is, but let it be known that we intend to fight hard” he sneered.

Caius bared his teeth and let out a snarl.

Aro turned to look to the remainder of his guard and raised his right arm in the way.

“Are you ready men. These people want a battle and a battle they should have.”

Several of the guard raised an arms in support and joined in with the snarling, but others stood with a look of fear in their eyes.

Aro picked up on this immediately and repeated his question. The unsure guards reluctantly joined in, but Felix however remained silent and stared at Kaure.

His eyes glanced over to the hut and back to Kaure and he knew in that instant that his loyalty was not with his master, it was with Kaure and the daughter he just found out he had.

Aro turned to Felix and studied his features. Felix looked deep in thought and this confused Aro. In all the years Felix had worked for him he had never once hesitated to join in a fight.

“Are you not excited Felix?” he asked

As Aro spoke those words Felix was snapped out of his thoughts for a moment. He turned back to look at his master, but for the first time he really studied Aro. All these years serving him, he had been ruled with fear, but as he studied Aro closer he could see the look of fear in Aro’s eyes, despite his act of bravado. Had he really been so blind all this time and overlooked the fact that Aro was really nothing on his own? it was the power he held over others to do his bidding that made him something to fear.

Felix, who was stood to the right of Aro, but a few men away felt an odd sense of freedom. He at this moment realised that he didn’t need to listen to Aro’s commands.

He broke his gaze with Aro and turned his gaze to Kaure. She was staring at him in confusion. Felix looked from her to the hut and back to her and tried to think of some way to communicate that he wanted to fight with her not against her.

He watched on as Edward approached her and spoke into her ear.

Edward explained to Kaure that Felix wanted to fight with them not against them and in particular to protect Tawémake.

Kaure was a little taken aback by this, but nodded to Felix in agreement.

Aro was getting tired of Felix not answering him.

“What the hell are you playing at Felix” he snapped.

Felix turned to Aro and looked at him directly in the eye, something which he was usually too afraid to do.

“What the hell am I playing at?” he asked mockingly to goad Aro.

Felix sped across to join Kaure and the others before turning his attention back to Aro.

“I’m realising whose side I am really on” he called back.

Aro was enraged about this turn of events.

“Get back here this instant” he commanded, but Felix would not respond.

He was not about to let Aro get anywhere near his daughter. He would do all that was in his power to protect her and if that meant helping out Kaure and the others then so be it.

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Chapter 13 – An enemy underestimated.

Aro turned to two of his guard members who were stood patiently awaiting his command.

“Bring me that shape shifting wolf. I think it's time we use him to make an example to show just how serious we are”

Jacob took a few steps forward and crossed his arms across his chest.

“Just how do you think they'll bring me” he demanded to know.

Jacob shook his head.

“I'm not some lap dog that they can just fetch, I could take them both out without breaking into a sweat”

Aro grinned and turned to Jane.

“Jane dear, would you be so kind”

Jane stepped forward and nodded her head to her master.

“I'll be honoured master” she replied in a saccharine sweet voice.

Bella, whose memory of how badly Edward was affected by Jane's power shouted out to Jacob.

“Jacob No!” she called out.

Jacob turned to her and smiled.

“Relax, what's the worse she can do” he asked

Edward, Jacob and Bella all turned to see that Jane was staring furiously at Jacob. It was quite obvious that she was attempting to use her power against him, but it was not working.

Aro let out a frustrated growl.

Jane stopped her attempts at using her power against Jacob and turned to glare at Bella.

“Still using your shield I see” she accused.

Bella was beyond confused at this as she hadn't time to react and extend her shield to Jacob, so she knew that she wasn't protecting him.

Jane quickly turned her attention to Kaure and attempted to use her powers against her, but again it was blocked.

Kaure, who knew full well what Jane's powers were as Edward and Bella had filled her in chose to take a few moments to goad her.

“Is that the extent of your power. The ability to glare at people” she cackled.

Jane stamped her foot and growled.

“Oh my, you acted just like a petulant child then” Kaure goaded further.

Aro was very frustrated by this turn of events. They were letting these humans with over inflated ego's stall them for too long.
“You know I am usually quite a patient man and despite the many years I have lived I am not over sadistic, but you are bringing out the worst side of me and I warn you all know cease and desist this nonsense. Bella can be forgiven as she is still quite new, but you Edward Cullen should know better than to anger us. Remember at the moment I want you to join us and bring to us your enhanced skills, but I can change my mind at any moment. If you push me too far I will set about destroying you, your wife and your daughter rather than taking you alive”

Edward growled and held tightly onto Bella's shoulder.

“I'm sorry Aro, but Bella and I have no intentions of joining you, we've already discussed things and we're rather be destroyed than become one of your puppets. I reiterate what Bella said earlier though, you will not get your hands on our daughter.”

Aro sighed. This was not going well at all.

“So I see we're at an impasse, but surely Edward you aren't so foolish to put your faith in these women. Just what are they going to do to us” he snapped.

Edward looked to Kaure and she flashed him a wink. She turned her attention to Athena and they engaged in some form of silent communication.

Athena then started to slowly walk forwards.

Edward, Bella and Jacob were totally bemused at this as Athena was leaving herself open to attack.

Suddenly Marcus, who up until this point had been stood in a bemused silence became fully alert. He looked directly at Athena and a large warm smile flooded his face.

He took a couple of unsteady steps forward and held his hand up in front of him. Athena had transformed into an image that represented the greatest desire of Marcus, his deceased wife Didme.

“Didyme” he called out gently as he continued his approach.

Cauis watched on in horror as his brother approached this strange woman. He kept his eyes on Marcus, but patted Aro on the shoulder.

“What is that old fool doing” he asked incredulously.

Aro however was too dumbstruck to respond. He too could see Didyme, but for him it represented the image of his greatest fear, his sister that he killed all those years ago.

Aro took a step towards his brother and stoop open mouthed.

“Didyme” he called out too.

Caius couldn't believe what he was seeing.

“Have you both gone mad, my brothers” he called out, but Marcus and Caius were too engrossed in what they could see.

Edward, Bella and Jacob watched on with great interest as events unfolded before their eyes.

Marcus had now reached Didyme and was staring deep into her eyes. Edward couldn't but think that he had never seen Marcus look so happy.

“Didyme, my belovd Didyme. Is it really you” Marcus asked over and over again.

Athena didn't answer, but just smiled at him warmly. Marcus lifted his hand and gently traced the contours of Didyme's face.

Aro stood a few steps back trying to understand what he was seeing. It was so long ago when he killed his sister, but he had fled from her body so quickly and ordered some of his men to take care of it, could it really be that she had survived and flee'd.

Aro called out “Didyme, my dear sister”

Athena stopped smiling sweetly at Marcus in order to glare at Aro.

Aro recoiled a step.

“Oh Didyme, do you still hate me so much after all this time” he pleaded.

Marcus turned to look at his brother and snarled.

“You stay away from her Aro, she is mine” he hissed out.

As Marcus turned to look back at his lost love he hadn't seen Athena slip on the tri-let onto her hand. He was too engrossed in looking into her eyes and tracing the contours of her face with his hand that he thought nothing of her raising her hand to his.

As she pressed the trilet to his forehead the illusion of her appearance broke and the true sight of Athena was displayed for Marcus. He only had a split second to realise that it was not Didyme, before he felt a searing pain radiate from his forehead down to the rest of his body.

His brothers looked on in horror as Marcus emitted a high pitched scream before his body disappeared and all that was left was a pile of dust on the ground beneath where he had stood.

Aro made a hasty retreat back to his brother and grimaced.

“What was that” he demanded, still in shock from the loss of his brother and the trickery of seeing his sister.

Kaure smirked and let out a small chuckle.

“I told you, my tribe we are guardians of humanity. Over the centuries it has been our duty to protect humans from your kind. For a long time we were spread across the world and had many battles with your type, but over the years your kind became more judicious with their killing. Some of our tribes stopped being active and died out, but others focused more on their own areas. My tribe is one of the most active left” she explained.

Aro was uncharacteristically lost for words.

“I obviously misjudged the situation, but despite your hidden abilities, surely you must realise that you are outnumbered.”

Kaure shook her head and clicked her fingers. Moments later several other tribeswomen all appeared and stood close to Kaure and the others.

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Chapter 12 – An old enemy

Aro and his brothers shared confused glances.

“What do you mean... rusty on our history” enquired Aro.

Kaure crossed her arms and sighed.

“I realise it's been quite a long time since we had active dealings with a group as large as yours, but if I were to say “Guardians of Humanity” would it ring any bells” she asked.

Aro and his brothers shared more confused glances, until Marcus recalled some vague details.

“I have read some old legends about such a group, but that was back when I first became a vampire. Initially they were a feared group. A tribe that could destroy vampires, though the method of how they were destroyed was never clearly recorded. I have to say that I always thought it was based in myth, so i am intrigued as to why you mention that term”

Aro and his brother shared a glance as this was the most animated they had seen their brother in a long time.

Kaure grinned widely and took a theatrical bow.

“Myself and the three tribeswomen you see before you third generation members of the Guardians of Humanity. Whilst your legends would have been based on first generation members, the tribes knowledge and capabilities for destroying your kind has not diminished over time” Kaure explained in a matter of fact tone.

Marcus was most intrigued by this. For a long time he had grown weary of this world. Ever since his wife Didyme was killed by Aro he had longed to end his existence and join her.

“Most interesting” he responded.

Caius shook his head violently.

“Most interesting? Have you lost your mind, this woman claims to be part of an ancient tribe, with the ability to destroy us and you think it's interesting? I smell bullshit” he snarled.

Aro was most surprised by his brothers outburst, whilst his brother had quite the temper, he was usually above the vulgarity of mindless swearing.

“I see, so you are part of some ancient tribe and are able to destroy us.” he asked in a mocking tone, quite unwilling to believe this poppycock.

Kaure shook her head and smiled.

“I think we'd much rather show you than tell you” she offered.

Aro was most amused by this turn of events, despite his brother Marcus being so ready to accept this, he was more inclined to side with his brother Caius and assume this was just some sort of ploy to delay the inevitable.

“My memory of the stories of the Guardians of Humanity is very vague, but I am quite sure that it would have taken a lot more than 4 members to dispatch a group of vampires as large as the one I have brought with me.” Aro countered.

Kaure turned to Athena and the others and shrugged her shoulders.

“How do you know that there is just the four of us, we could have an army hidden away behind us” she snapped back.

Aro quite admired this human's spunk. He discreetly sniffed the air and did sense a slightly odd smell to her, but couldn't quite place it.

He turned to Edward, Bella and Jacob, who had been remarkably quiet during the proceedings so far.

“So is this what you've put your faith in? A group of women who believe they can take on a large group of vampires and beat them” he asked.

Edward and Bella just sighed and refused to answer, but Jacob let out a growl and shook his head.

“I'm not a betting man, but i would put my money down on Kaure and her friends over you bloodsuckers any day” he quipped.

Aro lifted his hand up to silence everyone.

“I am bored of all this chatter. Edward and Bella I will ask you this only once. Will you willingly come with me and my brothers and join us in Italy” he asked.

Edward placed his arm around Bella and they both nodded to each other.

“No” they both said in unison.

“We refuse to join you Aro, and no matter what you try to do to us, there is no way that you will get your hands on our daughter” Bella added with a snarl.

Aro let out a large sigh.

“Very well, we'll do it the hard way then. We'll be taking the other child too, just for good measure, I am sure young Renesmee will appreciate a young friend”

Kaure turned to her fellow tribeswomen and they shared in her anger at hearing Aro's plan to attempt to take Tawémake with him.

Kaure focused on Aro and took in his appearance. His skin was much paler than Edward and Bella's and his eyes were a crimson red. Not only did his outward appearance differ from Edward and Bella, but he was a much darker person overall. He epitomised the type of Vampire that her tribe had wiped out over the centuries and her distaste for him grew with every passing moment.

“Bella is right. You will not be taking anyone away from here. We did consider allowing you to leave if you agreed to go peacefully and leave our friends home, but as soon as you threatened to take my niece you just made me angry... very angry” Kaure snarled.

Felix was still reeling from the thought he had a daughter with Yula, it was simply beyond his realm of comprehension to take in what Kaure was saying. All the time he had been with Yula he didn't suspect that she was anything other than a simple human girl.

He heard the guttural snarl escaping Aro's lips and knew that this would be bad.

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Chapter 11 – Confrontation begins

As Aro his brothers and the guard headed further into the compound they were met with the most curious sight.

Edward, Bella and Jacob stood together and were flanked by one woman to their left and three more women to their right.

Aro was the first to speak.

“I am assuming you have a good reason for not being at Isle Esme by the time I requested” he spoke to Edward.

Edward was about to answer when Kaure put her hand up to stop him.

“He didn't come because I told him not to” Kaure replied.

Aro turned to his brothers and let out a riotous laugh.

“Oh brothers, did you hear that, Edward, Bella and Renesmee failed to come to us when requested based on advice from a human” he goaded.

His brothers and various other members of the guard chuckled alongside him.

Kaure sighed, she looked past Aro and scowled directly to Felix and wasn't surprised to see him laughing along with his master.

Aro spotted where Kaure was looking and chuckled.

“It appears you have some unfinished business with one of my guard” he enquired.

Kaure avoided looking at Aro and continued to focus on Felix.

“Oh don't worry, I'll do my best to save Felix till last, he and I can settle our business once we get rid of you, your brothers and the rest of your guard” she retorted.

Aro turned to Marcus and Caius and grimaced.

“Did you hear that dear brothers, Felix and this insolent human have unfinished business and she'll get to him once she's got rid of us”

Marcus sighed and rolled his eyes with indifference, whilst Caius joined his brother in feeling totally bemused by this strange woman's incredulous idea that they were someone they could get rid of so easily.

Kaure called over to Felix.

“You and I have some things to discuss later” she warned

Aro turned to Felix and raised an eyebrow. He had begun to grow tired of this woman and began to speak.

“Enough of all this...”

He stared open mouth as Kaure lifted her hand up and shushed him like a petulant child.

“I'm sorry I wasn't talking to you, I was talking to Felix” she goaded.

Aro turned to Felix and narrowed his eyes.
“Oh I am sorry Felix, you carry on, it's not like we are in a rush or anything”

Felix stepped forward and bowed his head towards Aro.

“Please ignore her master, I am nothing of importance” he said in a strained voice.

Aro shook his head and sighed.

“Just what is your relationship with this woman Felix, for a human she is incredibly annoying” he enquired.

Felix straightened up and looked over towards Kaure.

“I enjoyed the company of her sister a few times when I was out here doing some work for you master. I'm pleased to say that her sister was nothing like her”

Aro raised an eyebrow

“Was” he asked

Kaure was marginally impressed at how quickly Aro picked up on the word was.

“My sister died a few months after Felix left without a word” she said bitterly.

Aro snickered.

“What is it with male vampires and female humans. I see it isn't just Edward here who had a taste for a bit of human” he quipped

Kaure took a step forward and growled.

“Do not dare to sully the memory of my sister” she warned.

Felix tried to get Kaure's attention.

“Why don't you calm down Kaure, you really don't want to anger my master too much” he warned her.

Aro shot Felix a look of surprise.

“How interesting brothers, Felix seems to be sticking up for the human, perhaps he was more fond of her sister than he let on”

Kaure was a little taken aback by Felix trying to warn her to calm down. For the briefest of time she saw the Felix that once made her sister so happy and so complete.

“Felix and my sister were once very close. He may play it down now, but I know that he once cared very deeply with my sister” Kaure summised.

Felix felt several pairs of eyes on him.

“Look you stupid bitch, you sister was nothing more than a bit of fun to me. I got the pleasure I needed from her and left when I was called away, so don't go getting any delusions in that tiny little brain of yours” he snarled.

The comments coming from Felix pierced Kaure's heart, she couldn't bare to hear him dismiss her sister like that, even though deep down she was sure he was merely trying to save face in front of his master.

“You bastard. Only one good thing ever came out of your relationship with my sister” she called out in anguish.

Felix frowned, confused by the statement.

As Kaure thought the urge to cry a small voice distracted everyone.

“Kaure” Tawémake called out before running to her auntie.

Edward and Bella glanced at each other and back to where Tawémake had ran from and were relieved that Renesmee remained well hidden.

Kaure cursed under her breath, she didn't want Tawémake to have been seen like this.

She held onto her niece and kissed her forehead gently.

“Shhh my darling, it's okay, I am okay, please go back to the hut you were in” she pleaded.

Felix stared on in confusion. As did Aro and his brothers.

Suddenly the penny dropped and Aro clapped his hands.

“Oh my” he began.

Aro gazed at Felix and shook his head.

“Could it be that Edward here was a little late to the party when it came to knocking up a human girl.”

Both Edward and Bella growled in disgust at Aro's comments.

Felix was too shocked to respond. He couldn't take his eyes from the young girl who was with Kaure. Could it be true? Could he have fathered a daughter with Yula? As he looked closer he gasped as he saw many of Yula's features in this girl.

Tawémake was staring back at Kaure, who has by now noticed how intently Felix was staring. She stood up and pulled Tawémake behind her and scowled at Felix.

She quickly turned around and ordered Tawémake to go back to the hut with Renesmee, she nodded to Athena, who agreed to get her there safely.

As she turned back to Felix she saw the pain and anguish on his face and although she had imagined causing him pain so often over the years, she almost felt sorry for him. She shook the thoughts of sympathy to the back of her mind and sighed.

“Enough of all this delay. Edward, Bella and Renesmee will be staying here with us, so I suggest you all leave” Kaure said with a clear voice.

Caius growled and stepped forward.

“Who the hell are you to tell us to leave and just how do you propose to make us.” he demanded.

Kaure smirked and flashed a quick grin to Edward, Bella and Jacob who were all dumbstruck at the turn of events.

She turned back to Caius and stole quick glances at Aro and Marcus.

“Hmmm it seems that you're all a little rusty on your history” she summised.

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Chapter 10 – Tribal preparations and Volturi's approach.

The Tribal Compound

As time drew by the tension grew amongst Edward, Bella and Jacob. Kaure and the others seemed remarkably more relaxed.

“Please stop worrying” begged Kaure.

Bella looked to Edward and dropped her shield.

“They seem so confident, but I can't help but be worried.”

Edward hugged his wife's shoulders.

“Knowing Aro and the others, they will be punctual so we have very little time left before they are due to arrive. If you don't mind Bella, Jacob and i would like to spend some time with Renesmee, before she has to go into hiding with Tawémake” he spoke directly to Kaure.

Kaure just nodded her head and watched as Edward, Bella and Jacob went to spend time with Renesmee.

She turned to her fellow tribeswomen and shook her head.

“They really do not realise how easy this will be for us” she commented.

Her sisters nodded their head in agreement and sighed.

“Kaure, you have to realise that Edward has spent many many years fearing the Volturi. They have ruled their kind through fear and unfair power. It is not surprising that he can't comprehend them being defeated, especially with the great ease that you have promised” Athena said gently.

Kaure knew Athena was right. She has no doubt in her mind that the Volturi would be no match for them, but wished she could erase the doubt that filled Edward, Bella and Jacobs minds. She smiled as she thought fondly of Renesmee, her trust had been so easy and she loved how Tawémake and Renesmee had bonded so well.

Kaure, Athena and the others spent time discussing strategies and contingency plans and prepared themselves for the upcoming battle.

It was decided that Renesmee and Tawémake would be protected by 3 of the tribeswomen and would be kept in the background, but not too far away so that they could be seen. The risk of part of the Volturi sneaking away from the battle and grabbing them, was too real.

Kaure left it as long as she could, but eventually she had to seek out Edward, Bella and Jacob and fill them in on the battle plans.

When she found then she observed from afar the scene before her. Renesmee was sat on Bella's knee and Edward was sat beside them with his arm on Bella's shoulder and his other hand stroking Renesmee's cheek. Jacob stayed close but allowed Bella and Edward their moment.

Kaure made her way to Tawémake who was sat nearby and knelt down beside her.

“Everything will be fine” she assured Tawémake

“I know” she replied and flung her arms around Kaure.
Edward, Bella and Jacob noticed Kaure's presence and shared a worried glance between each other.

“Is it time?” they asked in unison

Kaure nodded her head in affirmation. She explained the plans for where Renesmee and Tawémake would be. Bella was initially hesitant, but on closer discussion agreed that having them close enough to see would be better in the long run.

Edward and Bella showered Renesmee with kisses.

Bella knelt down in front of her daughter and lightly cupped her face.

“You know that no matter what happens Daddy and I love you, don't you baby” she asked in a strained voice.

Renesmee nodded her head and put her hand out for Edward to take.

“I know that momma, but nothing will happen. Kaure and her tribe are going to protect us and stop the Volturi from ever hurting us again” Renesmee said with clear conviction in her voice.

Edward and Bella shared a strained look, but quickly turned back to Renesmee and just nodded.

After Renesmee shared a big hug from Jacob she went with Kaure and Tawémake to their hiding place.

Bella turned to Jacob as soon as Renesmee was out of sight.

“Remember the plan Jacob, if things get to a point where all hope is lost, make sure that you take Renesmee and run.”

Bella turned to Edward who pulled an envelope from his back pocket.

“This has all the documentation you would need” he said.

Edward placed it in Jacob’s hand and stared into Jacob's eyes. He could hear the many emotions running through Jacob's mind and wanted to comfort him somehow, but didn't know what to say.

He tapped Jacob on the shoulder and nodded. “I know..” was all he could say.

He held out his hand for Bella to take and the three of them made their way to the others.

As they reached the others Edward turned back to Jacob.

“Make sure you put that envelope somewhere that is safe and easy to reach” he demanded.

Jacob just nodded and felt his heart sink at the thought of having to use it. Jacob was not the praying kind, but he took a moment to pray to whatever God would listen to keep Renesmee and his friends safe.

The Volturi

Once it became apparent that Edward, Bella and Renesmee were not going to come willingly Aro became increasingly enraged.

“How dare they defy us?” he snarled to his brothers.
Caius agreed with his brother.

“They are fools dear brother, fools, but we'll show them won't we” he added.

Marus sighed with an air of indifference, but nodded in agreement with his brothers.

“Very well let us get on with it then” he snapped.

Within minutes Aro, his brothers and the guard made their way to the boat and set off to the mainland.

As the mainland closed in Aro was beyond riled up. He had genuinely believed that Edward and Bella would know better than to cross him. They should have come willingly, now he'll have to punish them by killing all those trying to protect them and this would delay their happy union to his family.

They docked at the mainland and began their journey to the tribal compound.

“We must teach Edward and Bella a lesson in doing as they are told” Aro demanded.

Marcus flashed his brother a look and shook his head, but Caius agreed wholeheartedly.

“If Jane and the others are accurate then the compound is quite closed off and secluded. I am sure Edward and Bella will think twice of refusing your future requests if we kill some or all of those that are trying to protect them. Perhaps if we target that shape shifting wolf they seem so keen on then we'll not need to harm any others” Caius mused.

Aro stroked his chin and thought hard.

“Hmmm I think we will start with the wolf and make his death painful, but i think a true lesson will be seeing everyone who is with them massacred. They'll surely avoid questioning my authority then. We must also make sure that the child Renesmee sees everything too, so she knows from an early age who is in charge of her”

The brothers were all in agreement as they neared the entrance to the compound.

Aro clapped his hands and addressed his brothers and the rest of the guard.

“Let's get this over and done with. Our first target is the shape shifting wolf, he'll most likely be close to Edward and Bella. Once we've dispatched with him, Edward, Bella and the child, Renesmee are sure to surrender. Once we have them in our grasps then I give you a free pass to feast on everyone within this compound”

Once Aro finished there was a hubbub of voices as the guard became excited with the unexpected chance to feast.

“I trust I do not need to remind you all that we must be quick.” he warned.

Aro more than wanted these inconsequential humans to die for trying to stop him from getting to what he wanted, but he also wanted to minimise their exposure.

After others responded in a chorus of agreement Aro smiled and put his arms up.

“Very well then, lets go”

Within moments he and the others were all within the compound. He ordered two of the guard to man the exit to prevent anyone escaping and then led the way to find Edward, Bella and Renesmee. He grinned inwardly at the possibilities once they joined his guard.

Cullens and Pack members

The Cullens and the Pack had been travelling for many hours. They were now on a speedboat making their way to Isle Esme as quick as they could. Most of the pack were having a nap, but Sam, Seth and Embry were still wide awake and sat talking to Alice, Jasper and Emmett.

All of a sudden Alice's eyes glazed over and she gasped. Jasper immediately placed a reassuring arm over his wife's shoulders.

“What is it? What did you see” he asked gently.

Alice took a few breaths to steady herself.

“It's Aro and his brothers. They have made the decision to go after Edward and Bella” Alice began.

She closed her eyes and concentrated further on the vision.

“It seems that they gave Edward and Bella time to return to the island with Renesmee, but it seems that the time is running out. Aro is very angry at their refusal to do as they are told and he had given the command to return to the mainland and get them by force”

Sam interrupted...

“Any mention of Jacob” he asked

Alice shook her head and Jasper raised his hand.

“Please let her finish” he asked

Sam nodded his head..

“Go on darling” Jasper said in a reassuring tone.

Alice gripped his hand that was on her shoulder.

“Aro and the others didn't waste anytime returning to the mainland, they'll be there long before we are” she said dejectedly.

Alice growled as she got more flashes in her vision.

“It seems that Edward, Bella, Jacob and Renesmee are with Kaure and her tribe. Aro has decided to teach them a lesson. He has given orders for his guard to target Jacob first, he wants to make an example of him and ensure that Edward and Bella know that they mean business”

Alice paused to take in the disgusted looks from Sam, Seth and Embry.

“He has then given the rest of the guard free rein on Kaure and her tribe. Once he has Edward, Bella and Renesmee they can feast as long as they don't take too long” she said feeling disgusted.

The room fell silent.

“Damn it!” Roared Emmett and slammed his right fist into his left palm..

“I give Edward and Bella top marks for going to the mainland, Aro's need for secrecy means he wouldn't want to draw any attention to them, but it seems it's back fired and there's now a lot of people in danger” he sighed.

Sam was not happy, not happy at all.

“Can you see anything else” he asked

Alice shook her head.

“Aro and the others must be with them right now. Everything has gone blank.” she replied dejectedly.

Sam ran his hand through his hair.

“How long before we get there” he asked.

Jasper wasn't sure so went to check with Carlisle. He returned and slumped to a seat

“Carlisle has changed course for the mainland, he is sure that Kaure's tribal compound has a dedicated dock, which we'll head to, but it'll take us up to an hour to get there, depending on how fast we can get this rust bucket to go” Jasper explained.

Everyone in the room felt tense and useless.

Emmett hated the thought of his siblings and niece being in danger.

“Look, perhaps Edward and the others can stall Aro long enough till we get there. The one thing we know for certain is Aro wants Edward, Bella and Renesmee to join them, so he will be in no rush to kill them. Let's not get too dejected here people” Emmett roared.

Everyone reluctantly agreed to try and remain optimistic. Sam set about gathering the pack to fill them in and discuss strategies, whilst Jasper and Emmett headed to see Carlisle to discuss strategies.

Alice meanwhile stayed where she was and tried in vain to get a new vision. Every time she closed her eyes she saw nothing and she hoped against hope that this was just the usual block she got from Jacob and Renesmee and nothing more final.

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Chapter 9 – Reassurances and disappointment

As several of the tribeswomen discussed strategies, Kaure headed over to Edward, Bella and Jacob to see how they were doing.

“Well that went well” Jacob said in a mocking tone.

Edward and Bella rolled their eyes.

Edward focused on Kaure.

“Are you okay” he asked.

Edward wished that he could read her mind, but she was totally silent to him.

“I know Felix said many hurtful things, but trust me, I read his mind. Many of his words were nothing more than an attempt to share his true feelings from Jane, Alec and Demitri. No amount of teasing from them would compare to the potential fallout from Aro and his brothers”.

Kaure nodded her head and sighed.

“What did his mind say” she asked.

Edward moved towards her and placed his hand on her shoulder.

“He felt true sorrow that Yula had died and wanted to ask you whether she had suffered, but his pride got the better of him so he decided to act like he didn’t care instead”.

Kaure took solace in Edward’s words, somehow knowing that Felix did have feelings for her sister made a difference. She found herself thinking of Tawémake and wondered what Felix would make of her, not that she planned to let him get anywhere near her.

Bella interrupted her thoughts by calling out her name.

“Kaure... Do you mind if I ask a question?” she asked.

Kaure shook her head and raised her hand to encourage her to proceed.

“Back on the island, you joked that Edward wasn’t the only Centenarian. Was your sister like you? I mean if she was like you, would she not have survived the birth more easily” Bella asked.

Bella looked at Kaure and looked out for a reaction. She thought that she saw Kaure’s eyes narrow.

“.. I’m sorry if the question was insensitive, I am just trying to ……”

Kaure raised her hand up in the air and cut Bella off mid sentence.

“The question was fine, don’t worry. For a long time Yula was just like myself and the others who choose to shape shift, in fact she was one of the most experienced. It was about 2 years before she met Felix that she decided to stop shifting. Once she had stopped shifting, she started to age again, albeit a little slower than most.”

Kaure closed her eyes as a vision of her sister filled her mind.

“The thing is, whilst we shape-shift, we are barren. We are unable to carry a child. Yula’s desire to be a mother far outweighed her desire to exist. The fact that she fell for a vampire was just like my sister, she always seemed drawn to the wrong type. I guess it was a big part of who she was. The ability to see good in everyone, even when no-one else can.”

Bella felt a surge of pity for Kaure.

“She sounds like such a wonderful person, I would have loved to meet her.” She replied.

After an uneasy silence Kaure decided it was time to focus.

She gathered her fellow tribeswomen together in order to make preparations for the confrontation, which was now certain to happen.

Edward, Bella and Jacob joined in the discussions and marvelled at how confident Kaure and the others sounded.

“They seem so sure of themselves.” said Bella to Edward, after dropping her shield.

Edward leaned into her and spoke softly in her ear “Let’s hope that they have good reasons for their confidence.”

Once Kaure convinced them that they knew what they need to do Edward, Bella and Jacob bid farewell and went to spend some time with Renesmee, before she was hidden away for her own safety.

Isle Esme

Aro, Marcus and Caius sat in the living room of Carlisle and Esme’s home on the island. They were surrounded by members of their guard, whilst other members were outside exploring the island.

“How quaint” mused Aro enthusiastically whilst taking in all the room had to offer them in way of comfort.

Marcus and Caius shared a bemused look.

“If you say so, brother” replied Caius

Whilst his brother Marcus sighed.

“I never could understand Carlisle’s fascination with appearing so human. Each to their own tastes, I guess”

Aro shook his head and chuckled at his brothers.

“You two are no fun. This place is obviously very special to Carlisle and Esme and once we’ve taken Edward, Bella and Renesmee home with us, it still will be, only for different reasons” he joked.

His brothers weren’t sure how to respond to that so decided not to. The three brothers sat in silence until they sensed a commotion outside.

Caius waved a nearby member of the guard to go and find out was happening. The guardsman ran outside and returned shortly after.

“Masters, Jane, Alec, Dmitri and Felix are returning.” He said.

Aro stood up from his seat and rubbed his hands together.

“They don’t have anyone else with them master” said the guardsman with an unsteady voice.

Aro turned to his brothers and let out a guttural snarl.

“Come my brothers, let us find out why Jane and the others return empty handed”

He stormed outside, followed by his brothers to confront Jane.

“Where are my new acquisitions” Aro demanded.

Jane bowed her head and dropped her eyes to the ground.

“Forgive us master. Edward, Bella and Jacob were surrounded by others. They had hidden their child somewhere and showed no signs of wanting to come. I advised them that they had 2 hours to come here voluntarily, or that we would go and get them” she said.

Aro was not pleased.

“Who were these ‘others’ that they were surrounded by.” He demanded.

Felix stepped forward and ignored the icy glare that Jane gave him.

“They’re just a human tribe that live on the mainland. They are nothing that we can’t handle. Bella was using her shield to block Jane and Alec’s powers and even with our obvious advantage, there were enough there to cause slow us down. We didn’t want Edward, Bella and Renesmee fleeing” Felix said.

Aro looked to his brothers and sighed.

“Very well, we will give them the two hours and if they do not return we will all go and get them. Those humans can be our pre-flight snack” he mused.

Jane, Alec, Demetri and Felix busied themselves with the rest of the guard and made plans for taking Edward, Bella and Renesmee by force. They also discussed how to divvy up the tribe between them all.

Felix joined in, but internally he was hoping to at least find out more about Yula’s death, before Kaure was dispatched.

“I want Kaure” he snarled.

Jane shot him a suspicious look, but decided to let it go.

“She’s fair game, if you get to her first you can have her, if not she’s mine.”

Felix nodded his head and shrugged his shoulders “Fair enough” he responded and decided to make reaching Kaure his top priority.

Aro paced the living room, whilst his brothers took a more relaxed approach and sat back on the sofas.

“Relax brother” ordered Marcus.

He watched on as Aro slowed his pace.

“Whatever happens you get your new acquisitions. If they come willingly then fair enough, if not then we get to have some fun, before we travel back. It’s a win-win situation” mused Caius.

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Chapter 8 – Out of time and confrontation

As Kaure got off her boat, she secured the line and rushed over to Edward and the others.

“We've just received word that the Volturi are here on the mainland and are arranging a boat to come to the island. We must get you back to the mainland straight away, where we can protect you” she spoke with urgency.

Edward and Bella rushed to gather Jacob and Renesmee and boarded Kaure's boat. As they reached the mainland they were greeted by Pandora, who had arranged transport to take them to the compound as quickly as possible.

“The Volturi are on their way to Isle Esme at the moment. Gustavo and a few others have gone out in a fishing boat, in order to keep an eye on their movements”

Bella grabbed Renesmee and cuddled her tightly.

“Oh Edward” she said, whilst kissing Renesmee's forehead.

“If they have Demetri with them, it will not take them very long to find us” she said in a strained voice.

Kaure moved over to Bella and placed her arm around her shoulder.

“Please Bella, do not worry, I promise you that they will not get past us, they are simply no match for me or my people” Kaure promised.

Over the next hour or so Kaure and the tribeswomen discussed strategies.

It was agreed that Renesmee and Tawémake would be well hidden and guarded by two of the tribeswomen who could shape-shift. Jacob would assist with the fighting, but would help take the children to safety if required.

Once Edward and Bella kissed Renesmee and told her that they loved her, she went with Tawémake and their guards and headed deeper into the compound.

“They will be fine” Kaure said as she saw the anguish on Bella and Edwards face

Edward reached Carlisle by phone and told him that Aro and his brothers were at Isle Esme, but that he, Bella, Jacob and Renesmee were on the mainland with Kaure and her tribe. Carlisle was confused over why they were with Kaure, but Edward had no time to explain it further as suddenly people around him were talking fast and changing positions so that he, Bella and Jacob were behind them.

“I'll call you back later” he promised Carlisle, before snapping the phone shut.

He stood up and moved so he was at the side of Bella and Jacob. He placed his arm around Bella's shoulder and looked to see what was happening.

“There are four vampires approaching, I am guessing they are part of the Volturi” Kaure informed him.

Edward concentrated on the four figures approaching.

“That's Jane, Alec, Demetri and...” he said, before being interrupted by Kaure, who finished his sentence in a harsh voice

“... Felix” she sneered.

Edward and Bella shot her a strained look, but Kaure was too focused on Felix to notice.

Bella lowered her shield long enough to communicate with Edward. “Do you think she’ll be able to stop herself from lunging at Felix? If we’re to have any chance in a battle with the Volturi, we will need the element of surprise!”

He simply shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

Once Jane, Alec, Demetri and Felix were just in front of Kaure and the tribeswomen, who were protecting Edward, Bella and Jacob they stopped.

Jane took a small step forward and studied the strange sight in front of her.

“Seriously, do you think a shape shifting mongrel and a group of humans will protect you” she snapped at Edward and Bella.

Jacob shook his head in disgust. “I could take you any day bloodsucker” he snarled.

Jane laughed

“Jacob is right, you are no threat here” insisted Kaure

Jane looked Kaure up and down, then turned to her companions

“Well look here boys, Edward and Bella have found themselves a new bodyguard. It's a pity all that they could muster is a feisty human and her female friends. Perhaps Aro will let us have a few snacks whilst we're here, though I don't think I'll be partaking in the dog, he smells terrible” she snickered at her own words.

Jane suddenly grinned and narrowed her eyes at Jacob and Kaure, attempting to user her powers against them, but nothing happened. She turned to Bella and growled.

“Still using your shield I see” she snapped, annoyed that Bella had spoiled her fun.

Bella shrug her shoulders and smiled sweetly at Jane. Bella was confused though. Her shield only covered herself and Edward at the moment as she hadn't been able to cover the others yet, so she isn't sure why Jane's powers didn't work against Kaure and Jacob. She wasn't about to let Jane know that though.

“Hmmm I can see why Aro is keen to acquire you. I think it will be so much fun, practicing with you, who knows I may be able to cause you some pain along the way.” mused Jane

Kaure took a step closer to Jane and shook her head.

“So is that your magical power? The ability to give someone the evil eye!” she teased.

Jane growled.

“Just you be thankful that Bella here is protecting you, my powers could cause you so much pain” she warned not happy that this human was making a fool of her.

“My masters will be very interested in you and your friends. Humans are not supposed to know about our kind. I suggest that you step aside and let us get what we came here for. Then perhaps I can at least promise to make your death quick”

Kaure shook her head and hissed.“I don't think so. Why don't you run back to your masters and tell them that you can't have what you want”

Jane was enraged, who the hell was this insignificant human to be squaring up to her like this?

Edward was surprised at the exchange between Kaure and Jane. He could see that Kaure had really angered Jane. He stepped in try to diffuse the situation.

“So Jane, I take it you aren't here for a social call” he enquired.

Jane looked at him, rolled her eyes and clapped her hands, slowly and loudly.

“Well done captain obvious!” she replied sardonically.

Alec, Demetri and Felix all shared laughter in the background, joining in with the mock clapping.

Jane stopped her clapping and put her hand up in the air to signal the others to stop.

“Aro, Marcus and Caius have spent a great deal of time, effort and money to make a trip out here. They want you, Bella and Renesmee to come back to Volterra and join us. In fact they are not prepared to return without you”

Jane scanned the area for signs of Renesmee and was intrigued by her obvious absence.

“Speaking of which, where is the little brat anyway”

Bella let out a guttural snarl and locked eyes with Jane.

“All that you need to know is that she is safe and you won't get anywhere near her” she promised.

Kaure nodded in agreement with Bella.

“That's right. You are not going to lay one hand on that child”

Felix groaned in the background.

“I see you still have the same big mouth Kaure” he snapped.

Several eyes suddenly flitted to Felix, then back to Kaure.

“I see that you are still as self centred as ever” she retorted.

Felix snarled.

“I am so glad that your sister didn't share your personality. I don't think I could have enjoyed bedding your sister if she was cursed with an attitude like yours”

Kaure took a step towards Felix, but Jacob held on to her upper arm to stop her.

“Where is Yula anyway? I could do with a bit of fun whilst I am here. It’s been far too long since I was looked after” he goaded her.

Kaure shook her arm free of Jacob and rushed to Felix. She drew back her hand and slapped him across the face. She went to do it a second time, but he held on to her hand to stop her.

“Not a chance, you don't get to do that a second time, you stupid bitch” he snapped.

Felix flexed his jaw and gently rubbed his cheek, it was throbbing.

“How the hell did you manage to cause me pain” he demanded to know.

Kaure shrugged her shoulders and wriggled out of his grasp. She then backed up till she was level with Jacob again.

“Perhaps it's down to the fact that I have been wanting, no needing, to do that for such a long time. Ever since you left Yula without as much as a goodbye, unfortunately she seemed to really care for you and you just disappeared, leaving her desolate.”

Felix rolled his eyes and huffed.

“Is that why she is hiding, because I didn’t say goodbye? Look she was great in the sack, but I never promised her a long term relationship or anything, besides my... lifestyle... makes it difficult to settle down” he joked.

Jane, Demitri and Alec all shared a laugh. Kaure however was unamused.

“Oh this is priceless, Felix had a fling with a human. So I see that Edward isn't the only vampire who couldn't just mate within his own species. Seriously Felix what were you thinking” she cackled.

Felix was about to answer when Jane raised her hand in front of his face and shook her head.

“It was a rhetorical question dumb ass”

Demitri jabbed Felix in the arm and asked “So what was it like bedding a human, did you have to be all soft and gentle?”

Felix noticed Kaure out of the corner of his eye; her face was turning red with rage.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” he spat

Felix ran his hand through his hair.

“Look if Yula is pissed off with me then tell her to come talk to me, she shouldn't let her uptight sister fight her battles for her!”

Kaure had heard enough, she readied herself to attack, but was held back by Jacob and Edward.

“She's dead you bastard” she yelled out in anguish.

Felix was taken by surprise by this information.

“How?... When?... What happened?” he asked.

Kaure's whole body shook with anger, part of her wanted to shift into a MngWa right now and take Felix out, but she needed to hide her capability in case it is needed during a proper fight.

Felix was feeling quite bad. As much as he enjoyed goading Kaure, he did actually have feelings for Yula. He wanted to say something, do something, but couldn’t with Jane, Alec and Demitri present.

Acting quickly in an attempt to avoid any potential problems from Jane and the others, he shrugged his shoulders and let out an over dramatic sigh.
“Oh well, I will have to look for my fun elsewhere then”

He hoped that had appeared suitably indifferent, the amount of flack this could gain him from Aro and his brothers was not a prospect he savoured.

His mind however was filled with sadness and questions he wished he could ask Kaure.

Edward picked up on Felix's thoughts and took the opportunity to speak to Kaure.

“Please try not to pay too much attention to the words that Felix is using. His words may be hurtful, but his thoughts tell me that he is actually upset that your sister has died and he cared for her a lot more than he's letting on”

Kaure let Edwards words sink in and worked at calming herself down. This wasn’t to appropriate time, but she hoped to get a chance to find out from Edward more of what he picked up from Felix’s thoughts.

She took the chance to glance over at Felix and could see that he looked a little upset. Felix met her gaze and he looked away as quickly as he could, but Kaure could sense that his mind was in turmoil.

She was soon snapped out of her thoughts when Jane became tired of all this distraction going on.

“Enough” she yelled, causing everyone to go quiet and all eyes to fall on her.

She looked directly at Edward and Bella and sighed, she was convinced that they would be nothing but difficult when they came back to Volterra, but she knew better than to challenge Aro and his brothers.

“Edward and Bella you have two hours to return to Isle Esme, with the brat. Aro and his brothers will then make suitable travel arrangements to take you back to Volterra with us and get you settled into your new home. My masters hate to be kept waiting, so make sure you get back in plenty of time.” she demanded.

“If we don't come to Isle Esme?” asked Edward.

“Then we'll come and take you by force, but be warned. If we have to do that then we will show no mercy to your... friends here. In fact, we will take great pleasure in ending their miserable little lives slowly and painfully and we will make you and your brat watch every last second of it” she spoke in an icy tone.

Jane turned around and clicked her fingers, expecting Alec, Demitri and Felix to follow on behind.

As they walked away she shouted “Remember! You have two hours!! Or else we come and get you”

Seconds later the four of them had disappeared and Edward, Bella and Jacob were surrounded by Kaure and the tribeswomen, who were all talking to each other and planning their next move.

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Chapter 7 – Welcome distractions

Alice could not tell them how long it would take for the Volturi would arrive, but she knew only that it would be soon. She told Edward that they had been trying to arrange them safe transport away, but with no success. All of the traditional transport avenues were being monitored by the Volturi and every time she made a decision on a possible route she got an image of Aro gloating of his new acquisitions.

After many conversations Edward, Bella, Jacob and Renesmee agreed to go back to the island and spend some quality time together, whilst Kaure and her people would monitor the airport and other transport avenues for signs of the Volturi's arrival.

Once they arrived back on the island Bella began pacing the living room, whilst Edward spoke on the phone with Carlisle. Jacob was outside playing with Renesmee on the beach.

After Edward finished speaking to Carlisle, he updated Bella on what he had learned. Carlisle had been speaking to Sam and the pack and they have all agreed that Cullens and the pack would travel out to Isle Esme to stand against Aro and the Volturi. Travel arrangements were taking some time, but they were doing their best to speed things along.

Bella sighed in frustration. Edward made his way over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

“Relax” he pleaded.

He watched as Bella's face filled with anguish, she lowered her shield and allowed him to see the frantic thoughts filling her mind.

Edward sighed. How typical of Bella that all of her thoughts were of Edward and Renesmee's safety and not her own. She was even more concerned over Jacob's safety; this truly bothered Edward, but now was not the time to get into it.

“Aro and his brothers obviously want us to join them, so they will want us alive, so we and more importantly Rensemee will be relatively safe” he murmured into her ear.

Bella shook her head wildly.

“I don't want to be around them, I cannot stand what they are and I would rather not exist than be one of Aro's possessions.” she groaned worriedly.

Bella nuzzled her head into his shoulder and tried not to worry too much.

“If they get to us and Kaure and the others can't help, then I think you and I should make a stand. If nothing else we can delay Aro and the others so that Jacob can flee with Renesmee.”

Edward sighed, the thought of being parted from his daughter filled him with dread, but he knew it made sense. He nodded his head towards Bella and nodded his head in agreement.

“If it looks like we can't win, then we will do all that is in our power to ensure that Renesmee is safe, even if that means sending her away with Jacob.”

Edward and Bella stood in an embrace, whilst listing to the sound of Jacob and Renesmee's laughter.

“You know... I am almost glad that we brought the mutt with us” teased Edward, hoping to lighten the tense mood.

Usually Bella would complain of his use of the word mutt, but she could understand what Edward was trying to do, so she just rolled her eyes and chuckled.
Over the next few hours Edward, Bella, Jacob and Renesmee enjoyed the island and did their best to forget the upcoming danger that they faced.

Once it got late Bella settled Renesmee for the night and stood watching her daughter as she slept peacefully, she lifted her daughters hand to her cheek and was relieved to only see relayed images of her playing with Tawémake and Jacob, there seemed to be no signs of distress.

As she watched her daughter for a little while longer her dead heart grew heavy with sadness.
The thought of being separated, or losing her daughter was too much to contemplate.

Bella was unaware of how long she had been standing there, but she felt the familiar hands of Edward on her shoulders.

“Come on love, she's fine. I called Alice and she can definitely see that we are safe until at least tomorrow” Edward said gently.

Bella battled with herself, but eventually agreed to follow Edward downstairs. Jacob was sat on the couch and she could see that he was deep in thought.

“I don't like this, I don't like it at all” he moaned. His pleading eyes bore into Bella's.

“I can't let anything happen to her” he said

Bella nodded her head in agreement and Edward patted Jacob on the shoulder.

“Jacob, Renesmee is our world. She's our reason for living. Bella and I have talked about this and have agreed that whatever happens we cannot let Aro and the Volturi get our daughter”

Edward paused for a moment and held his hand out for Bella to take. He didn't like the idea of anything happening to Bella either, but he had to agree that Renesmee was the main priority.

“If things get to a point, where we cannot stop Aro and his brothers... If it looks like our capture is unavoidable, we want you to take Renesmee and run. We'll do all we can to cause a distraction. We still have the fake documents that Bella arranged with J Jenks; in fact they're with the rest of our travel documents. So please whatever happens to us... Please make sure you get our daughter away safely”

Bella sank her head into Edwards’s chest.

“Please Jake, promise us... make sure that she is safe.” she pleaded

Jacob slumped back into the couch watching Edward and Bella. He could see how desperate they were and how worried they were.

“I don't like the idea of running away, but I promise... if that is the only way to keep Renesmee safe then I will do it. After all she's our number one priority” he agreed.

Jacob let his mind wander and he replayed some of the day’s events.

“I have to say though. I do have faith in Kaure and her people. My tribe, we are something quite special, but her tribe is off the scale. I believe her when she says that they'll be able to put up a good fight” Jacob said with a hint of hope in his tone.

Edward and Bella nodded.

“I hope you're right Jacob, I really do, but we have to prepare for the worst case scenario.” Bella replied.

After some lengthy discussions over what needed to happen, should Kaure and her people fail to help, Edward and Bella bid Jacob goodnight.

Edward even allowed Jacob to sleep on the floor in Renesmee's room, to make sure she was safe. Normally he wouldn't agree to such a thing, but he sensed that Jacob needed to be close and it did give him and Bella a sense of relief.

As Jacob and Renesmee slept soundly, Edward and Bella took a tip in the sea. What started off as an innocent swim, soon heated up and before long they found themselves recreating scenes from their honeymoon, only Edward didn't need to hold back as Bella was no longer breakable.

The threat of their capture or even death meant that they were both so much more eager to enjoy each other’s bodies. They allowed their instincts to rule them and enjoyed every last second of their carnal pleasures.

It was early morning when they returned to the house. They shared a shower and freshened up, before preparing breakfast for Jacob and Renesmee.

Jacob and Renesmee were descending the stairs when Edward's phone rang.

“Carlisle” Edward said after flipping the phone open.

Bella watched on and listened anxiously to get an idea of what was going on. Edward relayed the information to everyone that Carlisle, the rest of the Cullens and the pack were all on their way. They had chartered a private plane and had secured a high speed yacht to complete the rest of the journey; their estimated time of arrival would be in around 30 hours.

“Maybe they'll get here in time” Jacob suggested optimistically.

Edward was about to nod in agreement when he heard the engines of a boat approaching. He sped out to the boat launch and looked out into the sea. He was relieved to see that it was Kaure's boat approaching.

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Chapter 6 – Tribal abilities and danger forseen

Edward and Bella were sat side by side watching on as Renesmee and Tawémake played happily.

Kaure and the other women had been telling them more about the history of their tribe. They sat and watched on as they demonstrated their shape shifting capabilities.

They asked Edward and Bella to stand back to back in the centre of a circle of 8 of the tribeswomen.

“First we'll shift based on your greatest desire.” said Kaure.

Edward suddenly found himself staring at 4 Bella's, whilst Belle found herself staring at 4 Edwards.

“Fascinating” they both said at the same time.

“Wow! I find having one of you a pleasure, but four Edward's are too much for me to handle.” Bella teased.

Edward shook his head. “I have four of you”

They each turned around to see what the other could see, but the tribeswomen changed appearance based on who was looking.

The tribeswomen all turned away and allowed Edward and Bella to relax for a moment.

“Now we'll demonstrate a shift based on your greatest fear” said Kaure.

Edward and Bella stood back to back again and prepared themselves for what might happen.

Suddenly they grabbed on to each other as they were surrounded by Aro, Marcus, Caius and some more of the Volturi guard.

“Enough” screamed Bella

Almost instantly the tribeswomen shifted back into themselves.

“That... was... so realistic” panted Bella

Kaure stepped forward and placed a hand on Bella's shoulder. “I'm sorry if we frightened you. We just wanted to show you what we were capable of”

Jacob who had been sat watching with great interest stood up. “That is so cool. Would you like to see what I phase into?”

Kaure smiled and nodded

Jacob turned to Renesmee and gave her a wink. He jumped into the air and phased into his wolf form.

“So big” commented Kaure, who was admiring how large the wolf was. She gently stroked his fur and patted him on the head.

Jacob rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue, he suddenly bounded off behind a shack, only to appear a few minute later wearing nothing but a pair of black shorts, which he had tied round his leg as a spare.

“So how about showing us what this MngWa looks like” he goaded.

Kaure turned to her fellow tribeswomen and grinned.

“Very well”

Suddenly they were surrounded by the MngWa's. They were simply magnificent to look at. Although nowhere near as large as Jacob's wolf form, they were certainly fierce looking. Their fur was a dark silvery grey, with darker grey stripes. They had razor sharp teeth and moved almost silently.

As Edward, Bella and Jacob looked on with shocked expressions the women shifted back.

“Wow, the MngWa is such a beautiful creature, so majestic and stunning” commented Bella.

Edward simply nodded, knowing that any words he could add would not do the vision any justice.

Renesmee suddenly piped up “Pretty kitties” and the whole crowd erupted with laughter.

Everyone sat back down and relaxed for a while and shared various stories. Suddenly Edward's phone rang.

“Hi Alice” he said

Edward listened intently and his face contorted with fear.

“Please keep us informed, I will make sure I keep my phone with me at all times” he said then put the phone back in his pocket.

“Edward? What is it you look like you've just been told your favourite pet has been run over by a bus or something” joke Jacob.

Bella shushed him and turned to her husband. “What's wrong, Is everyone okay? Did Alice have a vision, please speak to me”

Edward stood up and scooped Renesmee into a big cuddle before sitting back down next to Bella.

“Alice saw them... She saw the Volturi find out that we are at Isle Esme... She saw them decide to come here to get us to join them. She knows that the 3 brothers plus Jane, Alec, Demitri and Felix would be amongst them, but she can't see what will happen once they get here” Edward said

Bella couldn't believe what she was hearing. She flung her arms around Edward and Renesmee and held then both tightly.

“But, we'll be no match for them. My shield will only block their mind based powers, but there numbers greatly outweigh us at least 2 to 1. What are we going to do? I don't want to go with them and I don't want them to get their hands on Renesmee”.

Jacob growled. “I'll help take a few of those leeches out”

Edward looked at Jacob and knew that he'd do everything he could to protect them, but he knew it would not be enough.

“That's really great Jacob, but there are just too many of them. Alice and the others are trying to sort out travel arrangements for us, but they don't know if they can get it arranged in time. Her current visions indicate that the Volturi will be here within 3 days.”

Kaure and the others had been listening on with great interest. They had quietly conferred and unanimously agreed to offer their assistance.

Kaure stepped forward and spoke directly to Edward and Bella. “After everything we've shown you and shared with you today, do you not think that we will be of some help.”

Edward suddenly felt his fear dissipating.

“You mean it? You would be willing to help us?” he asked.

Kaure nodded.

“Please, consider us your friends. Besides, I overheard you mentioning the members of the Volturi that you know will be coming and I heard you say Felix. He and I have some unfinished business” she said solemnly.

Edward shared every detail of Alice's vision to Kaure and the other tribeswomen. He then went into as much detail as he could about the Volturi and each of the various gifts they had, paying particular attention to Jane and Alec's gifts.

Bella scanned the crowd of people in front of them and she felt anxious.

“Are you sure you wish to help us? The Volturi are very dangerous and I would hate to think of them harming any of you, just because you tried to protect us.”

Kaure moved over to sit beside Bella and placed an arm around her shoulder. “Of course we wish to help you. The Volturi and what they stand for is the very thing that my tribe has battled against for decades. With our abilities and the bloodstones they will be no match for us”

Bella met Edward's gaze and lowered her shield.

'Do you think that they could be any match for the Volturi?'

Edward shrugged his shoulders. As he sat facing the possibility of capture by the Volturi, he would gladly sacrifice himself if they let Bella and Renesmee go, but he knew that this was not a deal that Aro would consider. He wanted all of them.

He contemplated Kaure and her confidence at being able to take down the Volturi and whilst he felt it so very hard to believe, he couldn't find it in himself not to have hope.

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