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Dogs of Twilight Fanmix

This fanmix was created for twilightbigbang 2011.
It was created for a story written by urania_calliope

All songs and artists included in this fanmix are independent artists and their material is available through www.jamendo.com. Majority of these artists have featured in a weekly podcast that I co-host with my husband (www.thebugcast.org)

Below you will find a front/rear cover. A link to a .zip download of the complete mix and track listings including links to the artist, track and key lyrics.

Front/Rear Covers (click to view full sizes)

Download the .zip file

Track Listings

1. Artist: TenPenny Joke (website) - Track: Evil Things

"Evil things, that make us act like how we do
Evil dreams, that devilment inside you
Sitting in the rocking chair as the blood rolls down the wall
Smash the mirror, but beware as the sun begins to fall
you don't have to read my mind
to know whats going on inside
it's the reason I am still alive...."

2. Artist: Hungry Lucy (website) - Track: Pulse of the Earth

"I stand alone once again,
helpless, as they call my name
Fingers descent from the sky
Stardust falls from my eye..."

3. Artist: Richtaste () - Track: Beautiful Misery

"Somehow I can't believe,
what you did, would hit me so hard
I need something more
That's worth living for
If I could walk back in time
I'd go back and try harder again
but the question still remains..."

4. Artist: Diablo Swing Orchestra (website) - Track: Poetic Pitbull Revolutions

"Red Eyes Only, The Floor Comes Closer,
A kiss that bruises, a skin so frail
Iron taste tongue, rage polluted, The veins so furious
With a mouth that will never till
Scars and stitches battered heart broke down a Lnd this time it will not heal..."

5. Artist: Steven Dunston (website) - Track: Slow Road

"We could take the freeway, it would be quick and easy,
Home free before we know it, we could take the freeway,
We could take the freeway every exit looks the same,
they all have a number, instead of a name, we could take the freeway... "

6. Artist: Celestial Aeon Project (website) - Track: Together we are strong

*** Instrumental ***

7. Artist: Antarhes (MySpace Page) - Track: Breathin' Again

".. Set me free, Set me free (set me free)
Set me Free!
I'm breathing again.. (Breathing again!)
Please break my changes (Break my chains, please Break my chains)
Open the black door, stop the pay everyone to breath again.."

8. Artist: major Major (MySpace Page) - Track: Undone

"When you pull on my strings I unravel
Fall apart just like the tower of babel
I burn up like fire when you touch me
Fade away like an unpleasant memory
And I come, I come undone
I will always come undone
and I come undone ... "

9. Artist: Trench Town Oddities (website) - Track: Never let you Fall

"I walk alone inside this maze
i've been wandering for days
try to help me through this place.
you're my only saving grace
whisper something in your ear
pull you in and draw yu near
see you smile then your laugh
I hope and pray that this will last..."

10. Artist: Fresh Body Shop (MySpace Page) - Track: Nothings Impossible

" Sitting on the floor, I can't sleep anymore
but I run into this kindgon and I am so excited tonight
I don't wanna stay, I'll be sad today
No I don't wanna see what's behind this room door anymore
and I wish I could take you with me, nothings impossible..."

11. Artist: The House of the Old Boat (MySpace Page) - Track: Teach me How to Smile

"Someone wise once said to me, you can count on the people who care about you on the fingers on one of your hands...
... You can teach me, teach me how to smile
You can teach me, teach me how to smile
you can, my dear, you know it's true!.."

Hope you enjoy the tracks. If you like any of them in particular, be sure to check out the artist as most of these artists have several tracks available.


Dawn to Dusk fanmix

This is a fanmix for the twilightbigbang 2011.
I created this for a story written by zephyrprince

All tracks are from independant artists and were source from www.jamendo.com. Many of these have featured on our podcast (www.thebugcast.org)

Below you'll find a front/rear cover. A link to download a complete .zip file of all tracks and the track listings, which will link to each individual artist, track and display key lyrics.

Front/Rear Cover (click for larger version)

Download .zip file

Track Listings

1. Artist: Fresh Body Shop (MySpace page) - Track: Losing Control

"... I have lost the control ..."

2. Artist: Josh Woodward (website) - Track: Overthrown

"The lights are out, the shame to doubt, he's got his after in his crown
he's waking up all alone, sinking in the cushions of his throne"

3. Artist: Fast Foolish Flies (MySpage page) - Track: Fall

"...will not fall, will not sacrifice it all..."

4. Artist: Hungry Lucy (website) - Track: The Standing Ones

"Broken down we hit the floor and you touch our sorrow. Is it justified that we won't see tomorrow
Screaming in pain I cannot stay, remember me as I was yesterday."
We have fallen to this world, too small to crawl, to blind to see, we must come together above it all, we the standing ones."

5. Artist: Celestial Aeon Project (website) - Track: Battle Against Time

*** Instrumental ***

6. Artist: Richtaste (website) - Track: Turning point

"... Oh the force is now within. Oh the pain I leave behind..."

7. Artist: Sean Fournier (Myspace page) - Track: Holding the Hand of the Hurricane

"... I'm gonna live with forever, as long as I feel your rage, dancing aorund me like i am holding the hand of the hurricane... "

8. Artist: Reform the Resistance (website) - Track: Arise

"... Take me I wanna cross over, Inside I wanna start over. ..."

9. Artist: Blue Swerver (MySpace Page) - Track: New Day

"It's a new day, come a new day. I feel the same old way,
the future man say, change your mind make it new,
but the difficult lines run through, you've got a perpensity to fall down"

10. Artist: Josh Woodward (website) - Track: Together on Our Own

"All these stars remain the same. Cold night, starlight, we are not alone.
Cold night, starlight, we are not alone, we're together on our own."

Hope you enjoy the tracks. If you liked a particular artist, do check out their Jamendo page as many of these artists have several songs available.


The Masquerade Ball Fanmix

This is a fanmix for twilightbigbang 2011.

I have created this for a story written by c_deepest_blue

All tracks except for one were sourced from www.jamendo.com The other track was sourced from http://ccmixter.org/. The majority of these artists have appeared in our weekly podcast (www.thebugcast.org)

Below you'll find a front/rear cover. A link to a complete .zip file of all tracks and individual track listings, which link to the artist and the track and key lyrics for each of the songs chosen.

Front and Rear Cover (click each one for a fuller version)

Download the full .zip

Track Listings

1. Artist: Hungry Lucy (website) - Track: Voyeur

"... I will hold your hand (tonight)
I will love you wrong (or right)... "

2. Artist: Diablo Swing Orchestra (website) - Track: Velvet Embracer

"In the mirror angels face with angel hair in an angel cage
In the mirror, Violence staged tremble without her embrace
In the mirror velvet wires dress her shivers in desire"

3. Artist: Ish Kosova - Track: Missing You

"I miss you, where are you hiding?
miss you, your souls not lighting up now
I miss you and the hope once shining through you..."

4. Artist: Slim (website) - Track: Beautiful Stranger

"... Looking for my beautiful stranger... "

5. Artist: Steven Dunston (website) - Track: Gravity

"... Yet no matter how far away you might be
I can still feel the weight of your body on me
Baby that's gravity... "

6. Artist: Aleksey Chistilin (Facebook) - Track: Mood

*** Instrumental ***

7. Artist: Emerald Park (website) - Track: My Star

"I never thought this could happen to me, stuck in my life of self pity and misery.
You can along with our life and your beautiful smile, you make me happy, hope you'll hope for more than a why
Hey you're my star (you're my star)
my shining star, (my shining star)
we are meant to last..."

8. Artist: Sean Fournier (MySpage page) - Track: Falling for you (piano version

"... Oh my god, could this be? Is love finally tripping me.. i'm falling for you
If I die, before I wake, the dreams of you are my escape.. i'm falling for you..."

9. Artist: Nodreams (website) - Track: Try Love

"How to fill the empty space and fix the broken interplace between the people who have always been together.
Just to be somebody new, you've lost your life your thoughts are blue, something tells you it's gonna last for ever.
But everythings going to be cool, everythings going to be cool, try love!"

10. Artist: Kendra Springer (website) - Track: With You

" With you - from now and to forever, with you, we'll always be together.
For high and low, forwards for better, with you, with you always with you..."

Hope you enjoyed the tracks. I really enjoyed making this one. Happy to answer any questions. All of the artists have other tracks available if you liked what you heard.


Actions and Consequences Fanmix

This is a fanmix for the twilightbigbang 2011 contest.

This is for the story I have written called Actions and Consequences

All of these tracks are sourced from www.jamendo.com and are Independent artists, many of which we've featured in our weekly podcast (www.thebugcast.org)

Below the front and back cover there will be a link to a .zip file for the entire fanmix.

The individual track listings will link to the artist and the track on Jamendo as many of these artists have more tracks available

Front and Rear cover (Click each one to see the full size)

Download the Full .zip file

Track Listings and Lyrics

1. Artist: Sean Fournier (MySpace Page) - Track: Put the World on Stop (Piano Version)

"This is a true confessoin of a man that lost his mind
real regression, when it is you that you that you left behid
but now I am moving, now i'm moving
its a weird position, its a matter you can't contain
self repression when you're so want to hop the train
but now we're moving, now we're moving"

2. Artist: Marc Reeves (Website) - Track: Waiting for You

"I've been waiting for you to come home
Youv'e been gone a long time
and I miss you, and I wish we could reconcile
Turning back time is easy if you want it
If you want it, it can be
I've been waiting such a long time, waiting with you on my mind"

3. Artist: Moon & sun (Bandcamp Page) - Track: Salt Indigo

".... From below, we will rise, we will rise
From below, we will rise, we will rise"

4. Artist: Freeky Cleen (Website) - Track: Can't you hear me callin'

"The days are dark, the nights are lonley, since you left me all alone,
I worried so my little darling, I loved you so even though you have gone
sweet heart of mine can you hear me calling
a million times I loved you best, I mistreated you, lord and I am sorry
Come back to me please, is my request."

5. Artist: Rich Taste (Website) - Track: Good Days are Gone

"The good days are gone, bad days are coming
Such a shame cos we were too blind to see"

6. Artist: Reform the Resistance (Website) - Track:The end is near

"The time will come again respect the only self protection loss conception ashes fall down on us all time...."

7. Artist: Steven Dunston (Website) - Track: Forgive Me

"....I'm just a man, a simple man, why do you seek your truth from me
I'm just a man, a simple man, the truth has yet to set me free
I worry what the future holds, I do not want to die alone
I worry what the future holds, I have no power of my own.
Forgive me, for what i'm about to do
Forgive me, for what i'm about to do"

8. Artist: Rob Warren (MySpace Page) - Track: Rise

" It's not my idea, but I respect what you need and what your gonna get....
.... It's not about the fall, it's about the rise up. It's not about the scars you left me, under these eyes. I found my peace, so I hold it close, I leave this place you put me without your ghost."

9. Singleton (website) - Alive Again

" I'm not afraid anymore....
.... i'm alive again and now I want to figure it out, I want to figure it out, lets figure it out."

10. Artist: Stefano Mocini (Facebook) - Track: Rebirth


Hope you enjoyed the songs, remember to check out the artists if you want to hear more of their stuff ;)


The Elusive Mr Cullen Fanmix

This is a fanmix for dariachenowith (also found at - Fanfiction.net, Facebook, Twitter, Blogspot) and her brilliant story The Elusive Mr Cullen

If you haven't read it all ready, it's well worth the read. If you have read it, I hope you apppreciate my song selections.

All tracks featured are released under Creative Commons licence, by independent artists. They are all sourced from Jamendo (www.jamendo.com). Each artist and track is linked below, in all cases these artists have several other tracks and albums available.

I am a big advocate of independent music, if you like this type of music, check out our podcast at www.thebugcast.org or check the artists other music that they have available ;)

The track listings below links to the artists Jamendo Profile, their website (if they have one) and directly to the track, which you can listen to or download from Jamendo. At the bottom of the page, there is also a link to a .zip file of all the tracks in order.

(Download All tracks as a .zip file) (57.1.MB)

Track Listings

01 - Fresh Body Shop [France] - (More info) - Track: Welcome Sinner
02 - Magdalen Graal [Italy] - (More Info) - Track: Touch Me
03 - Orphan Songs [Sweden] (More Info) - Track: Into the Monsters Arms
04 - TenPenny Joke [Australia](More Info) - Track: She
05 - The Nuri [Germany](More Info) - Track: Unfortunate Lovestory
06 - Steven Dunston [USA](More Info) - Track: Alone in a Room
07 - Richtaste [Switzerland](More Info) - Track: Turning Point
08 - Reform the Resistance [USA](More Info) - Track: Faces Nameless
09 - Celestial Aeon Project [Finland](More Info) - Track: Get Away
10 - Trench Town Oddities [Canada](More Info) - Track: Road Less Travelled
11 - The House of the Old Boat [UK](More Info) - Track: Teach Me How To Smile
12 - Rob Warren [UK](More Info) - Track: Rise

The reasons for my choices - Spoilers for those who haven't read the story yet

Clicky for more infoCollapse )
These are twenty 100 word drabbles, which I wrote as part of drabbles20in20. These are all focussed on George/Nina from Being Human UK.


Theme: Mirror
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Nina stood in front of the mirror and combed through her damp hair. She studied the reflection and began to take in all the little details.
The room looked so normal, even George, Sprawled on the bed reading through his book appeared so… Ordinary!
Nina felt a pang of sadness as she realised just how badly she wished that the scene in the reflection was the true picture of their life together… just an ordinary human couple.
Instead the mirror was just as good a liar as they were at hiding the monsters inside from the rest of the world.

Theme: Minor
Rating: G
Spoilers: Series 3
Warnings: None
The nurse smiled as she took in how nervous the couple looked.
“This is just a minor check up, nothing to worry about” she soothed.

Nina tried to smile, but it did not reach her eyes, she knew they looked just like every other first time parents, but they could hardly share their true fears.

She just hoped everything appeared normal. Even though she was half convinced that the scan would show a wolf inside of her tummy rather than a baby, what on earth would they say then.

Nina squeezed Georges hand as they prepared to meet their child.

Theme: Mimic
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied Violence
Deep within the forest, two wolves are facing each other their bodies crouching close to the ground. One of them makes a small yet subtle move, which the other mimics.
This strange dance continues for some time until slowly but surely they come closer together.
The focus of their attention is now clear as a startled looking deer looks frantically from one of them to the other as the wolves are approaching from each side.
Suddenly one of the wolves lunges for the deer’s neck and pins it to the ground, whilst the other pounces and joins in the feast.

Theme: Minute
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Mention of Pain
The silence was interrupted by a high pitched scream as Nina fell to her knees. George only had a few seconds to show concern for Nina, before he was also doubled over in agony.
The once silent room was now filled with the sickening noise of bones snapping and crunching and the blood curdling screams of both both George and Nina as their bodies changed.
The transformation feels like it lasts an eternity, but in reality it lasts exactly one minute. Sixty seconds of pure pain to endure, before the blissful ignorance of no human emotions whilst in wolf form.

Theme: Middle
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Series 3 storyline
Warnings: None
They knew that Annie was missing Mitchell and they tried their best not to get annoyed, but they were starting to lose their patience, they just wanted some alone time together, but Annie kept getting in the middle and she had no idea she was doing it.
Lounging side by side watching a film, she’d appear and give her own excited commentary. Going to the shops, she’d follow them around and chat incessantly and tell them what to buy, which was torture as they couldn’t exactly yell at her to shut up for fear of people thinking they were crazy.

Theme: Horror
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Some mentions of pain
“… You’re sure you want to see this?” Mitchell clarifies.
Nina and George squeeze each other’s hands and nod.
Mitchell uses the remote to start the DVD and sits back with Annie hovering over his shoulder and watch Nina and George as they watch the DVD.
On screen George and Nina are both writhing on the floor, their bones are breaking and their skin is stretching, they are both screaming in pain.
It’s unpleasant viewing, but are both glued to the screen. Watching how Nina’s pregnant body handles the transformation.
They are both appalled yet fascinated by what they see.

Theme: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
On screen Jacob Black jumps into midair and becomes a russet brown wolf, ready to defend Bella Swan from his pack brothers.
George groans.
“Calm down, it’s just a film!” Nina snapped.
“It’s totally unrealistic! I can’t believe how many people love this crap. Well It’s not all cute fluffy wolves and muscular boys wearing hardly any clothes, it’s pain once a month and bloody chickens on a string or locked basements” George huffed.
Nina sighed “I know, but it could be worse, at least the wolves don’t sparkle!”
“True” George replied happily knowing how much Mitchell hated that bit.

Theme: Hurt/Comfort
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Series 3 storyline
Warnings: None
“What if…” Nina began.
Nina felt the dampness on her cheeks as the tears rolled down, her tummy was so rounded now, it was very clear that this wouldn’t be your normal nine month pregnancy and she was starting to panic.
George could see she was still struggling and put his arm around her, pulling her close to his chest. He kissed the top of her head as she sobbed.
“The baby has already proven it is tough. You have transformed three times this pregnant and survived Herrick stabbing you. If the baby can survive that, it can survive anything.”

Theme: Historical – Beauty and Beast
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
Nina and George were once great friends, then suddenly he disappeared. She mourned for him and one day she went to his castle to look for clues, she was shocked when from a distance she saw a hooded figure.
She was sure it was George and she squared up to him demanding answers. He hesitated, Angry and frustrated she reached out and yanked down his hood, revealing scratch marks over his once perfect face.
George tensed, waiting for the inevitable screaming and fleeing, instead he was shocked when Nina reached out and lovingly stroked his face.
“What happened?” she asked...

Theme: Heroic
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Series 3 storyline
Warnings: None
“You are a hero, George” Nina and Annie both agreed.
“What on earth have I done that was heroic… I staked my best friend in the heart and left the three of us to face this Wyndam and the rest of the vampires alone.” George snapped.
Nina went to sit next to George and gently patted him on the leg.
“You freed Mitchell and robbed them of a weapon, you also freed us. The only weapon they could have use against us, to hurt us would have been to make us fight against Mitchell.”
George simply shrugged, still not convinced.


Theme: #1- Cravings
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Series 3 storyline
Warnings: None
Nina was preparing dinner. Her eyes focused on the raw bloodied steaks. Her stomach growled and she cupped her hands to her belly as the baby gave her a good kicking, dipping her finger into the juices of the steaks and sucking them dry, she felt the baby quieten for a moment, before the kicking started up again.
Suddenly she was ravenous, George watched on in a mix of fascination and horror as Nina filled a bowl with ice cream and poured on the blood from the steak over the top as if it were raspberry sauce and digging in.

Theme: #2 - Carcass
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
George woke first, his body was spooned around Nina’s and they were laying naked on the ground, Nina’s hair was a mess and there were flies swarming around them. As they both woke up and started to sit up, they noticed how each other was covered in blood and mud.
As they both took in the scene around them they found the reason for the mess and the flies, just next to their bodies lay the remains of their meal from the night before, they sat and studied it for some time trying to fathom what creature they had devoured.

Theme: #3 – Fresh Meat
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
George and Nina looked like any other couple as they walked hand in hand around the supermarket. No one knew what horrors the pair would endure that night as the full moon struck.
They didn’t make a conscious effort to do it, but they found themselves gravitating towards the butcher’s section. Their noses twitched as it was assaulted by the scent of a fresh carcass, being dismantled by the butcher.
Quickly they came to their senses, remembering where they were, they picked up two large chickens for the night and rushed away from the alluring smell of the fresh meat.

Theme: #4 - Tea
Rating: G
Spoilers: Series 3 storyline
Warnings: None
George and Nina watched their friend Annie as she made yet another cup of tea, it was becoming her obsession. It’s not that they didn’t enjoy tea and biscuits, it’s just this was the fifth cup so far today and it wasn’t even 11am yet.
Annie had always been obsessed with making tea, but ever since Mitchell had gone, she became worse, it wasn’t just the quantity, but her obsession with the quality. Their cupboards were now full of dozens and dozens of types of tea , bagged, leaf, herbal, fruit and traditional. Who knew there were so many types!

Theme: #5 – Chicken on a String
Rating: G
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
“George, why are you packing two raw chickens on a string.” Nina asked as they prepared for her first transformation out in the woods rather than the basement room.
“It’s something a friend of mine, Tully taught me. You tie the string around your ankle and when you become a wolf you become obsessed with the scent of the chicken and spend the night chasing it around, rather than causing havoc.”
Nina couldn’t help laughing as the mental image of them running around in circles after a raw chicken on a string entered her head.
“Glad I asked” she chuckled.


Theme: #1 – Role Change (Nina Vamp – George Werewolf)
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Warnings: None
George and Nina’s relationship was complicated. They shouldn’t be together, it just wasn’t natural and yet they couldn’t help how they felt about each other.
Nina was almost 90 years old, yet still appeared to be in her twenties, she’d been abstaining from drinking blood for some time. Then she saved George from a beating from other vampires like her.
She knew that he was a werewolf, but still she fell for him, it took them both a long time to reconcile their feelings for each other, but once they had done that they didn’t care what anyone else thought.

Theme: #2 - Offspring
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Series 3 storyline
Warnings: None
George and Nina were resting. This transformation had been hard for Nina, her belly was so big now and she was exhausted. Annie assured them that once they’d transformed the pair of them in wolf form were actually quite cute together. She explained that George just walked around Nina protectively whilst she laid on the ground for most of the time.
Suddenly Nina’s hands flew to her stomach and she yelled out in pain, her waters broke and contractions hit, labour progressed thick and fast and soon it was time to push.
The moment had arrived to meet their child.

Theme: #3 - Love
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Series 3 storyline
George watched Nina as she slept soundly beside him, she looked so peaceful when she slept and he felt so incredibly lucky to have her. Georges eyes travelled down to her rounded belly, he watched on in awe as their baby kicked and wriggled and made her stomach move and dance.
He realised just how much Nina must love him, not only did she accept the fact he was a werewolf, she forgave him when he turned her into one and now here she lay carrying their child.
George smiled happily and wondered how he ever got so damn lucky.

Theme: #4 – What if!
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Series 3 storyline
Warnings: None
“For the last time George, stop it!” Nina pleaded
George sighed and bit his lip, tyring to avoid annoying Nina more. He was just wondering what it would be like for them if neither of them were werewolves, what if this pregnancy was just your normal human pregnancy, what if all they had to worry about was deciding what colour to pain the nursery and which cot or pram to buy.
“Look George, we are what we are and whatever happens we’ll get through it together.” Nina soothed.
George smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes, still thinking “What if!”

Theme: #5 – Great Outdoors
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Implied sexual nature
George and Nina woke up curled up on the forest floor, as usual George’s body was spooned around Nina’s, her hair and their bodies were a mess.
As they sat up and stretched out their bodies they suddenly realised they were not alone, George moved so that his body was in front of Nina and he guarded her from the odd looking couple in front of them.
“Erm, we can explain…” he began
“Oh no need to do that son, we often come out here for some hanky panky, there’s plenty of woods to go round.”
“Great” George replied warily.

Full Moon - Being Human fanfic

As George made his way to the basement room, he felt a little odd. The last time he had been down here was when he took on and bet Herrick. George wasn't affected by Herricks death as such, he knew that it needed to be done, but it had somehow tainted this room, which had been his welcome sanctuary for so many full moons.

George was also worried about Nina. For the past week or so she'd been acting very strangely. Her moods had been shifting about so much, he was never quite sure what Nina he would be faced with from one day the next. When he finally found the courage to ask her she assured him that it was nothing that he had done nor was it the fact he was a werewolf and she'd watched him devour Herrick, it was just something she had to deal with that was affecting her hormones.

Goerge hesitantly accepted her explanation and things were better until 3 days ago when her mood swings were just indescribable. Within the space of 30 minutes she could go from incredibly randy, ripping off George's clothes yet insisting she stayed partially clothed and jumping on him. To the other extreme where George wondered what he'd done to make her want to run away from him and go silent on him. The fact that this cycle could happen several times a day had George exhausted and confused.

He had tried to call Nina earlier today after she'd jumped his bones one minute then shunned him the next, but her phone was off or she was putting him through to voice mail. For the first few times he just hung up, but he finally left a message and said that he didn't know what he had done wrong, but he loved her and he wished that he could have heard her voice, before having to go lock himself away to transform.

As George descended the last flight of stairs he saw that the door to his room was open. He assumed it had been Mitchell who did that for him as his friend as he had told him that he had given the room a clean up. He fished his mobile phone out of his pocket and checked one last time, but still nothing from Nina. He sighed unhappily and switched his mobile off. He then strode into he room he'd spend the night and headed to the heavy metal trunk where he packed away his things to avoid them being damaged.

George jumped as he heard the door slam shut. He then spun around as he heard the lock being engaged, what he saw next made him feel sick.

“Nina!” he choked out.

Nina was stood in front of the door with her arms folder across her chest looking intently at George. George felt panic rising as he thought of what could happen if he didn't get Nina out of this room in time.

“You can't... I mean you shouldn't... I mean... Nina, what the hell are you doing, you know what i'm about to do, you know what I am capable of, what the hell are you playing at?”

George nervously glanced at his watch and he knew that he didn't have much time. He couldn't think of any reason why Nina would put herself in danger like this, but he needed to get her out of here fast.

Nina took a deep breath and started to walk towards George, she could barely contain the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

“I am such a coward. I've had a whole month to tell you and there have been so many opportunities, but I just couldn't find the words” she said in a strained voice.

George frowned and tried to think what the hell she was going on about. Was she trying to break up with him, did she have a death wish, he just couldn't think what she could mean.

“please whatever it is can wait. If it's something I have done then I am sorry. Now is just not a good time and I don't want to hurt you. I thought you knew... I thought you know how I can't control myself when I transform. I love you and the thought of you being here when I change is scaring me shitless so please go” he pleaded.

Nina locked eyes with George and shook her head.

“I have to stay” she said

George wanted to say so much in response to that, but all he managed was a whimper.

“Don't you understand, I could kill you!” he shouted

Nina stepped closer till she was face to face with George and shook her head.

“No you don't understand. You can't hurt me. We belong together in this room. I should have told you much sooner, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn't find the words”

George was confused, what on earth could Nina mean. He took the split second decision to try and dart for the door, if she wouldn't leave then maybe he should. He would rather hurt a stranger than the woman he loved.

As he made his move Nina grabbed onto his arm and he couldn't shake loose.

'What the.. She's so strong' he thought to himself.

He turned around till he locked eyes with Nina.

“George I love you, but we both belong in this room” she said.

George was about to respond when Nina let go of his hand and took a step back, she quickly discarded her jacket, underneath which she was naked. It took George all of 30 seconds till his eyes found their way to her arm and the claw marks that adorned them.

“Noooo!” he gasped

George stretched his shaking hand out and gently traced the claw marks.

“I... I did this to you” he croaked out.

Nina nodded her head, then moved her hand till it locked on to Georges.

“The night you took on Herrick, when I burst into the room and you pushed me away.” she responded.

Nina hated the look of guilt on George's face. She knew how he'd take this hard and how much it would hurt him. That's part of the reason she couldn't find the courage to tell him, she was afraid of him spending the last month in self pity and she selfishly needed him.

“I ignored it at first, thinking that maybe it wouldn't mean that I would become like you, but the closer the new moon got the weirder I felt. I guess I don't really need to tell you that given that you've been on the receiving end of my various moods”

George was speechless, he didn't know what to say. Nina swallowed hard and sank closer into George.

“I know you're feeling like shit right now and want to just wallow in self pity, but George I am scared. I need you to be strong for me, the thought of what i'm about to go through terrifies me and maybe I am selfish, but I just couldn't face doing it alone... I need you”

As soon as Nina finished talking George snapped out of his self pity and hugged Nina close.

“I'm so sorry...” he began.

George used his free hand to wipe the tears that were pooling in his eyes and streaming down his cheeks and took a deep breath to compose himself. He checked his watch one last time and knew that time was almost out.

“I won't lie to you, the transformation hurts like hell, but once you've transformed you'll not be aware of anything you do until you wake back up in human form. No matter what happens when we've changed I will be with you throughout”

George unclipped his watch and flung it to the corner of the room. His bag lay on top of the metal trunk he usually locked it away in and he noticed Nina had left a bag near the door too. He decided they could wait, he knew that Mitchell would come and check if he'd not heard from George by 10am the next day.

George readjusted himself and Nina so they were hugging comfortably and awaited for the transformation to begin. As George felt the familiar build up of discomfort he just managed to blurt out a few last words.

“I love you Nina. Please forgive me”

Nina's whole body was rippling with pain, but she managed to respond.

“I love you too George and there is nothing to forgi...”

The room was then filled with the sounds of snapping bones and blood curdling screams as George and Nina transformed together.

As soon as George and Nina had transformed into wolf form they lost most of their reasoning skills and their primal instincts took over. As the two wolves stared at each other there was something that stopped them fighting. The longer they stared at each other the calmer they felt.

George in wolf form started to circle around Nina. He was sniffing all around her and whilst Nina was initially uneasy, she soon bowed her head and lowered her front legs as a sign of submission.

George then hopped onto Nina and began to act on the carnal lust that was coursing through his veins. Nina had shown no resistance and the two wolves were relentless, and did not stop until they were both exhausted.

Once they were both fully spent the two wolves curled up against each other and fell asleep.

George was the first to wake up. He was laying naked on the floor and his back was freezing, but his front was lovely and warm. He then realised that he was spooning against an equally naked Nina. Soon the memories of last night came flooding back.

He was relieved to feel her breathing against him and seconds later she also woke up. Her first thoughts were the few memories of how much pain she felt when the transformation began, but she remembered nothing after that. She felt something warm up against her back and soon realised it was George.

“Morning” she said sheepishly.

George smiled and kissed the back of her head.

“Morning” he responded.

Slowly they both stretched and sat up. They both patted down their bodies and were confused at the sticky mess that covered them.

“George, you seemed to wake before me, did you move to cuddle me or did you wake up like that”

George was still obsessing over the sticky stuff he had been lying in when Nina had asked the question.

“It's how I woke up” he said.

Nina and George scanned the room and were both confused. Georges watch was in tact as was his and Nina's bags.

As George went to stand up his legs felt really shaky. He helped Nina up and she felt a little sore when she walked. Suddenly the two of them made the startling realisation.

Waking up in the spooning position, laying in the sticky stuff, both feeling a little stiff and sore and the rest of the room being in tact.

“Oh” they both said in unison.

George and Nina locked eyes and smirked.

“It seems that we were preoccupied with each other rather than the room when we transformed” Nina chuckled before sinking into George's arms.

“I think you're right. That's just both wonderful and disturbing in equal doses.” George replied.

They both chuckled and embraced. Both where deep in thought, but neither wished to ruin the moment. Emotions such as guilt, worry, angst and fear would all come, but they both knew that they would face them together.

Kaure's Tribe: Guardians of Humanity

Written as part of the TwilightBigBang Challenge in 2009 (twilightbigbang)

Special thanks to

tasha_pencil - Cheerleader/Beta reading
amethyst07 - Unofficial Beta and general motivator. Very greatful for all the help she gave.
loupooh - Original assigned Beta, who had to drop out, but was still helpful in the early stages.
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Written for twilightbigbang

The Cullens and the Pack spent the next 2 days enjoying time with Kaure’s tribe on the mainland and spending some time back on Isle Esme.

Alice seemed to spend a long time with Pandora and Athena, but every time someone tried to ask her what they were up to, she changed the subject or said that they were just enjoying each other’s company.

When the time came to finally leave everyone felt a little down and sad. Renesmee found it particularly hard to say goodbye to Tawémake as the two had gotten so close.

“I promise we’ll come back to visit” Bella said softly to Renesmee.

Renesmee hugged her mum tight and nodded her head.

“Can Tawémake visit us too?” she asked.

Bella looked to Kaure and Felix for their opinion.

“I’m sure that can be arranged” replied Kaure.

After a few more hugs goodbye Renesmee reluctantly got onto the boat with Emmett and Rosalie and the La Push pack.

“Thank you again for everything” said Carlisle and Esme and they too got on the boat alongside Jasper, who never did feel too comfortable showing his emotions.

Edward, Bella and Jacob hung back and thanked Kaure for all that she had done for them.

“We owe you our lives and our freedom” Bella began.

Kaure gently rubbed her shoulder and shook her head.

“It was our pleasure. You, Edward and Jacob sure got stuck in as well” she responded.

Edward shook hands with Felix, who spoke to him with his mind.

“Thank you. For everything” he thought.

Edward just patted his shoulder and smiled.

Jacob embraced Kaure in a huge hug.

“Keep in touch.” He requested and Kaure agreed.

Edward, Bella and Jacob headed to the boat to join the others.

“Where’s Alice” asked Jasper as everyone else was on board and ready to go.

Just then Alice came bounding out of one of the huts, closely followed by Pandora and Athena. She was carrying a box and a big grin.

As she passed Kaure, Felix and Tawémake she paused to wave goodbye then hurried on to the boat.

Alice ignored the curious stares at her and sat with the box on her knee.

“All in good time people” she said.

The boat journey was uneventful and they reached the airport to find that Alice had arranged two private air planes.

“I thought that we all deserved to travel in style”

Several pairs of eyes rolled in her direction.

“Why two planes though” Sam asked.

Alice smiled sweetly and winked.

“Well aside from the fact it was cheaper to get two planes this size than to try and get one large one I figured that the pack would appreciate a flight direct to Forks as the Cullens have a stop to make along the way”

Sam thought that this was perfectly reasonable and the pack gave each other high fives at the thought of travelling in luxury.

“Oh and Jacob and Renesmee will be joining you guys. Charlie is going to have his granddaughter stay with him for a couple of days. It’s all been arranged”

Jacob was more than happy with this idea. After everything they’d been through for the last few days he was looking forward to spending some quality time with Renesmee and Charlie.

Bella and Edward turned to Alice and shook their head.

“What are you up to Alice. What’s with all the secret meetings with Pandora and Athena, What’s in the box and What’s this about an additional stop” Alice asked.

Alice smiled at Bella and tapped her head.

“All in good time Bella.”

Bella dropped her shield and asked Edward what was going on in Alice’s thoughts, but he shook his head.

“She’s repeating the song lyrics to I am H A P P Y over and over again at the moment, I can’t get any sense out of her.”

Alice ignored Edwards comments and continued to set everything in motion.

She organised Jacob, Renesmee and the pack and once they were on board their own plane she turned her attentions back to her family.

She noticed that there were several unhappy faces staring at her as everyone, except for Jasper who knew a little of what was going on seemed to be becoming impatient.

She turned to Jasper and asked “Can you make everyone less tense please.”

Jasper nodded and sent out a wave of calm to everyone.

“Right lets all get on the plane and I will explain everything” Alice asked nicely.

There were a few voiced grumbles, but everyone made their way onto the plane. Once the plane had taken off and they received the go ahead to remove their seatbelts Alice called everyone to attention.

“I guess everyone wants to know what’s been going on” she began.

“No shit Sherlock” responded Emmett, who hated being kept in the dark like this.

Alice ignored Emmett’s little outburst and carried on.

“I think you’ll all agree that things will be very different now that the Volturi have been destroyed. It won’t take long for the grapevine to spread the news. Myself, Jasper and Felix have already set the ball in motion in that respect.”

Carlisle took a moment to interrupt Alice. “Can I ask what the story is?”

Alice smiled and nodded

“Aro, his brothers and his guard all set out to acquire Edward, Bella and Renesmee. However the Cullen family and the La Push pack beat them to Isle Esme and stood up against them. Bella’s shield blocked the Volturi’s powers and evened up the battle and they were simply no match for us. We also had use of a special weapon” she responded

Carlisle stroked his chin and soaked up the story.

“I assume the special weapon was the bloodstones, but the detail shared was suitably vague” he asked.

Alice nodded her head.

Emmett quite liked this idea of being painted as a better fighter than the Volturi.

“Where are we detouring to Alice” asked Edward, whom Alice was still blocking.

Alice scanned the faces of her family and grinned.

“You’re either going to love or hate this” she warned.

Rosalie just rolled her eyes impatiently.

“Just tell us Alice” she demanded.

Alice huffed, she didn’t like being rushed.

“Ok, don’t get your knickers in a twist Rosalie. We’re going to Volterra to inform the wives, disband the remaining few guards who would have remained in the city and take care of their vaults.” She responded.

Carlisle sat back in a seat and contemplated what Alice was saying. It made sense that loose ends would need to be taken care of. He assumed that Alice would have made sure the knowledge of the brothers demise would make it to Volterra ahead of them as she would not knowingly lead them to danger, but decided to ask anyway, if nothing else he would ease the worries of the rest of the family.

“Do you forsee any danger when we’re there Alice” he asked.

Alice shook her head.

“You know me Carlisle, I have foreseen everything that is about to happen and no danger will come of us. In fact we’ll be quite highly regarded when we’re there”
Carlisle frowned. Alice was up to something.

“Alice” he said in a questioning voice.

Alice just chuckled.

“Don’t worry Carlisle, it’s nothing bad” she promised.

Bella recalled the last time she was at Volterra and shuddered at another visit, but at least she knew there’d be no nasty surprises.

“Now are you going to tell us what is in that box” Edward asked.

Alice patted the box and grinned.

“I thought you’d never ask” she giggled

Alice carefully opened the box and there were several wrapped packages inside. She passed everyone the package with their name on it and urged them to open it.

Rosalie was the first to rip her package open. Inside was a beautiful bracelet. It was gold with a large round pendant in the centre, she slipped it on and marvelled at how pretty it was.

Bella, Esme and Alice all had the same as Rosalie.

Edward, Jasper, Emmett and Carlisle all had matching necklaces with chunky gold chains and the pendants similar to the girls.

Suddenly it dawned on Bella.

“These pendants are bloodstones aren’t they” she asked.

Alice nodded her head.

“You mean these are made of that stuff that turned Aro and the others into dust” Rosalie asked in a disgusted voice, ready to take her bracelet off.

Alice placed a hand over her bracelet and shook her head for her to stop.

“Rosalie, the bloodstone only works against vampires who feed from humans and even then you have to place it to their forehead to take effect.”

Rosalie calmed herself down and went back to admiring how pretty the bracelet was.

Esme noticed that there were still two wrapped packages in the box.

“Who are those for” she asked

Alice patted the box lid back down and grinned.

“Those are for the two remaining wives. You see my vision was quite clear. The two wives have long since been tired of their husband’s ways. When we get to Volterra they will be very pleased to see us and quite relieved that Aro and Caius are destroyed. They will feel some remorse for Marcus, but when we explain that his death came from a vision of Didyme, they will be happy for him.”

Alice took a deep, yet unnecessary breath and carried on.

“The Vampire race will require new leaders and that will be us. However we will have the assistance of the two wives and they will take a more active role in ruling the race, whilst we act as back up if needed. The stones on our bracelets and necklaces can be removed and used against any of our kind who fall out of line. I don’t foresee us using it very often, because the knowledge of what the stones can do will keep most in line.”

Everyone sat in stunned silence. They knew better than to bet against one of Alice’s visions, but this was going to be such a big change for them all.

As time went by Alice was interrogated for every bit of detail she could remember from her visions. Alice answered all the questions fired at her and the Cullens spent the rest of the journey discussing this vision with each other.

As they continued their journey and began the final approach to Volterra, Edward, Bella and the rest of the Cullens prepared themselves for taking over as leaders of the vampire race.

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Chapter 16 – Late to the party

As soon as they reached the boat launch Emmett and Sam flew off the boat. For the latter part of the journey they had been bickering over whether the Cullens or the Pack should take the lead and neither would back down.

It was in a fit of desperation for some peace and quiet that Carlisle suggested that Emmett and Sam should take the lead, representing both parties and that everyone else would follow them at a slight distance to keep up the element of surprise.

Emmett and Sam, who had phased onto wolf form both ran through the compound listening out for sounds of battling, but they heard nothing. Eventually as they reached the centre of the compound they heard noises.

They shared a confused look as they heard what sounded like music and laughter. As the thought of the Volturi celebrating their victory Emmett and Sam were enraged. Emmett patted Sam on the head to get his attention then whispered into his ear.

“On the count of three we charge in there and take out whoever we can”

Sam nodded and settled down onto his back haunches in preparation to attack.

“One… two… three..” whispered Emmett before running at full speed. He almost ran straight into one of the fires, before managing to stop himself. Sam was by his side snarling at first then utterly silent.

The pair of them stood with mouths agape at the scene in front of them. Edward and Bella was stood watching Jacob and Renesmee dancing to some tribal music that Gustavo and two others were playing.

Meanwhile Felix was sharing a dance with Tawémake and everyone was smiling and laughing.

“Excuse my language everyone, especially the children present but what the fuck is happening” Emmett shouted out.

The music halted and all eyes turned to Emmett and Sam.

“What took you so long?” goaded Edward flashing Emmett a big grin.

Suddenly Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Jasper, Rosalie and the pack all appeared in the clearing and a look of confusion filled all of their faces.

Sam and the rest of the pack all exchanged glances after having a telepathic conversation where effectively they all wondered what the hell was going on. They all ran off and disappeared for a few moments before reappearing back in human form.

Sam looked over to Jacob and crossed his arms.

“We race halfway across the world to come and save you and we find you all dancing and laughing.” He accused playfully.

Jacob let out a husky laugh and looked over to Edward and Bella.

“Looks like we have a lot of explaining to do” he said with a grin.

Emmett, who was smarting at missing out on the action sighed.

“How about you start off with where Aro is” he asked sharply.

Edward, Bella and Jacob began to laugh.

Emmett crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at them.

“What is so funny” he demanded.

Bella and Jacob were still in fits of giggles, but Edward managed to compose himself.

“I’m sorry Emmett. We’re really not trying to upset you here, it’s just things were very tense here for a while and I guess everyone is trying to relax.” Edward began.

Edward raked his hand through his hair and looked down at Emmett’s feet.

“Oh by the way, you asked where Aro is. Well you’re standing in him”

Emmett looked down to his feet and saw he was standing on a pile of ashes.

“Eughhh! That is disgusting” complained Emmett

He hastily stepped to a clear spot and tapped his feet a few times to dislodge the ash that coated the base of his shoes.

“Wait a minute, did you just say I was standing in Aro” he asked.

The Cullens and the pack all surveyed the floor and found several piles of dust. Their faces were a mix of fascination and disgust.

Carlisle wasn’t quite sure how to take this turn of events. He had spent the last couple of days fearing he would never see his son, daughter and granddaughter again. He never once considered arriving to find Aro and his brothers as little more than piles of dust.

“I am so very glad that you are all okay, but would it be possible to fill us all in.” he asked, looking at Kaure, who he suspected had played a much bigger hand in this than he first thought.

Kaure, Edward, Bella and Jacob began to fill everyone in on what had happened. Carlisle was fascinated when he learned more about Kaure’s tribe and their abilities. He was thunderstruck when they explained about the battle and how easily Aro and the others were destroyed.

As they explained about Felix and Tawémake and how Felix wished to follow their diet he agreed to give all the help that he could.

Carlisle and Esme embraced as they watched their family enjoying the company of Kaure’s tribe. They had learnt so much over the past few hours, they were happy to just take a break and enjoy everyone’s company.

“You know. I can’t say I would ever want to repeat the feeling of dread that filled me these last few days, but I am most glad that all of this happened.” Esme murmured.

Carlisle rubbed her arm and nodded in agreement.

Emmett was sat on the floor with Renesmee bouncing on his knee. Renesmee was happily replaying the day’s events to Rosalie using her powers. They were also joined by Felix and Tawémake, who was showing them her power of bringing life back to flowers and insects.

Alice and Jasper shared a cuddle and chatted happily to Pandora, Athena and Grace who were happily explaining more about their tribe’s history and the trilet pendant. Alice was absent-mindedly playing with a trilet on her hand. She was trying to come to terms with the fact that although this was harmless to them, it would mean destruction for vampires who feasted on human blood.

Jacob, Sam and the rest of the pack were with a group of tribeswomen, they were taking it in turns to phase into wolves and MngWa's and comparing strengths and abilities.

Edward and Bella meanwhile took a few moments to wander off together and reflect on all that had happened.

“It feels oddly strange, not to be worried” said Edward.

Bella put her arms around him and snuggled her head into his neck.

“I know what you mean.” she replied.

As they held each other Bella dropped her shield to let Edward into her mind.

“There’ll be some pretty hefty changes coming up. I mean someone will want to rule the vampire world, what if we end up with someone like the Romanians, who are just as greedy for power as Aro and his brothers were”

Edward stroked her hair away from her face and kissed her forehead.

“I don’t think the Romanians will be a problem. Once word spreads that the Cullens brought down the Volturi, I can’t imagine any particular group wanting to rush into power.” Edward replied.

Bella narrowed her eyes in confusion.

“Do you think Kaure and her tribe will be safe? What if others of our kind try to seek them out and destroy them” she asked.

Edward didn’t much like the thought of that, but had a sudden realisation.

“We don’t need to worry about that either. No-one knows of their existence but us. Most of our kind, like Aro and his brothers treat stories of their existence as little more than old legends, so we don’t fill them in. We spread the word that we dealt with them instead.”

Bella chuckled at the prospect of the entire vampire race being fearful of a family of vampires who were among the kindest of people, living and not that she knew.

Edward and Bella returned to the others and filled them in with what they discussed. Carlisle and the others agreed that keeping the secret of Kaure’s tribe would be a good idea and Kaure thanked them.

Over the next few hours everyone just enjoyed each other’s company. Renesmee and Tawémake played well together and everyone loved watching how they interacted.

As the night wore on Bella and Felix put their daughters down to rest for the night.

“I never considered I would ever be a dad” Felix mused.

Bella smiled at him.

“I never considered I would be a mum, but I promise you this, there is no job as rewarding as watching your child grow.”

Felix, who wasn’t usually one for his emotions found himself unable to come up with a response to that, he simply nodded and smiled down at his daughter who was resting soundly.

“Is it always like this” he asked

Bella took her eyes away from Renesmee and looked back at Felix.

“what did you say” she asked

Felix chuckled.

“Is it always so complex, this feeling human lark. I mean I have spent so many years doing the bidding of Aro and his brothers that I forgot what it is like to be human. When I met Yula, Tawémake’s mum I felt something then, but I didn’t quite understand the feeling until I had to leave her. I just ploughed myself back into being a yes man for Aro and forced myself not to feel again, but I think I like it. I think I like … feeling”

Bella patted Felix on the shoulder and couldn’t help but remark on how much his features had softened. She then looked down at his Volturi outfit and shook her head.

“Come with me” she requested and dragged Felix along with her.

They found Alice with Jasper quietly discussing something. As they approached Alice stopped talking and turned to greet them.

“Of course Bella, I have just the thing” she said.

Felix face contorted to reflect the utter confusion he felt. Jasper couldn’t help but let out a laugh and he patted him on the shoulder.

“Try being married to someone who has visions of the future and that will really blow your mind” he quipped.

Felix suddenly realised that whatever it was that was on Bella’s mind to ask Alice had already been forseen.

He was about to ask Bella what was going on when Alice appeared with some neatly folded clothes draped on her ams.

“You, in there and change into these” she commanded.

Felix didn’t dare argue and dutifully went inside the hut and took the clothes in with him. As he changed out of his Volturi clothing and into the clothes that Alice provided him, he noticed a distinct absence of mirrors in the room. He didn’t know how he looked in the blue denim jeans and pale yellow fitted top, with black patent leather shoes that Alice had provided, but he realised anything had to be better than what he had on.

As he left the hut he found Alice to be jumping up and down and clapping excitedly.

“Perfect, Perfect” she said.

Felix felt a little uncomfortable being on a fashion parade like this.

“Is she always so excitable” he muttered

Jasper shook his head and chuckled.

“You have no idea!” he responded.

Felix then noticed that there was something tall next to Alice, with a cover over it. His jaw dropped as she took off the cover to reveal a full length mirror. Felix decided not to ask how the hell she got a hold of it, but was too distracted by his appearance in the mirror.
Aside from some clothes stolen from one of the humans he killed when he was last in the area he hadn’t warn anything other than his Volturi robes in so long.

“I look so different” he said in a strained voice.

Bella and Alice smiled at each other.

“You look great, much better now you don’t look like a Volturi guardsman” they both said at the same time.

After Felix grew accustomed to his new look he was escorted back to Kaure and the others. As Kaure saw the new look she clapped. He looked so much more like the person that made her sister so happy.

“You look so much better” she mused.

Felix felt like his cheeks where on fire, but he knew that they would just be as pale as ever. He sat down next to Kaure and smiled.

“Do you think Tawémake will like it” he asked a little hesitantly.

Kaure patted his leg.

“I think Tawémake likes you whichever way you come. She knows you’re her daddy, she always has, you just need to fill the role now” she responded warmly.

Felix swallowed hard. Could he really be a daddy, after so many years of doing vile things for his masters could he learn to be good? What if he ever lost control of himself around Tawémake?

Kaure picked up on his down mood and could sense he was struggling a little.

“Don’t worry. You won’t mess up. I’m here to help and Tawémake has several pairs of eyes keeping a close eye on her…. And you”

Felix felt oddly comforted by Kaure’s words. He knew that they would never let him lose control and although he may make mistakes along the way, he was determined to give it a go.

“Thank you” he replied and felt a sense of belonging.

“No problem” replied Kaure and they sat side by side with a new found respect for each other and joined in with the evenings festivities.

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